Requirements and Details

Core Requirements: 33-36 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
ANTH 340 Language and Culture, or
ENG 270 The Foundations of Linguistics 4
FREN 210 Intermediate French I 4
FREN 211 Intermediate French II 4
FREN 320 French Civilization and Culture I 4
FREN 321 French Civilization and Culture II 4
FREN 330 Second Language Teaching 4
FREN 430 French Literature I 4
FREN 431 French Literature II 4
FREN 499 Senior Project 1-4


Additional upper-division French courses to complete 40 semester hours in French. Many of these may be taken abroad.

Study Abroad Requirement

French Majors must complete a semester of study in France or a French-speaking country and select a curriculum which includes at least one course in French Phonetics, Linguistics, or Advanced Syntax.

Comprehensive Examination

The senior comprehensive examination tests language proficiency and reading skills.