Requirements and Details

Prerequisite for KINE 355 and 456

Code Course Title Units
BIOL 343 Human Anatomy 4
BIOL 344 Human Physiology 4

Kinesiology Core Requirements

Code Course Title Units
KINE 151 Health and Physical Fitness Strategies 4
KINE 235 Fieldwork and Foundations of Athletic Training 4
KINE 323 Biomechanics 4
KINE 345 Research Methods and Design 4
KINE 355 Anatomical Kinesiology 4
KINE 456 Physiology of Exercise 4
KINE 456L Physiology of Exercise Lab 0
KINE 499A Senior Project A 2

Supportive Requirements

Code Course Title Units
BIOL 343 Human Anatomy 4
BIOL 344 Human Physiology 4
PSY 101 Principles of Psychology 4

Athletic Training Core Requirements

Code Course Title Units
KINE 237 Techniques and Observation in Athletic Training 2
KINE 324 Evaluation & Assessment of Athletic Injuries – Lower Extremities 4
KINE 325 Athletic Training Practicum I Introduction 1
KINE 326 Evaluation & Assessment of Athletic Injuries – Upper Extremities 4
KINE 327 Athletic Training Practicum II – Lower Extremity 1
KINE 328 Evaluation and Assessment of Head and Spinal Injuries 4
KINE 351 Psychology of Sport Injury & Rehabilitation 2
KINE 400 General Medical Conditions in Athletic Training 2
KINE 410 Exercise and Rehabilitation 4
KINE 411 Athletic Training Practicum III – Upper Extremity 1
KINE 412 Therapeutic Modalities 4
KINE 413 Athletic Training Practicum IV – Rehabilitation 1
KINE 415 Management and Administration in Athletic Training 4
KINE 454 Athletic Training Practicum V – Team Management 1

Athletic Training students are required to take PSY 101, Principles of Psychology, as part of their general education requirements.

GPA requirement for program retention and graduating with the B.S. in Athletic Training is 2.75 overall.

The ATEP is a rigorous and intense program. The Technical Standards establish the essential qualities considered necessary for students admitted to the ATEP to achieve the knowledge, skills, and compe- tencies of an entry-level athletic trainer and meet the expectations of CAATE. All students must meet the Technical Standards to be admitted to and continue in the ATEP. In the event a student is unable to fulfill the Technical Standards, with or without reasonable accommodation, he or she will not be admitted to or retained in the ATEP.

Admission Requirements. Admission into the Ath- letic Training Major is competitive and highly selec- tive. Applicants meeting the minimum requirements listed below are not guaranteed admission into the major. Applications for admission to the ATEP are available in the Fall of each year. Final confirmation of acceptance into the program will be made after final Fall grades are posted. The following are the mini- mum requirements for admission. (Transfer students must meet all prerequisites for the ATEP, be accepted to La Verne, and meet with the Program Director prior to applying to the ATEP. Acceptance into La Verne does not guarantee acceptance into the ATEP.):

1. Completion of 32 semester hours with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.

2. College Transcripts showing completion of KINE 151, 235, and 237, and BIOL 343 with a combined minimum GPA of 3.0.

3. 50 athletic training observation hours and a performance evaluation by a supervising Certified Athletic Trainer.

4. A physical examination by an M.D. or D.O. with verification of ability to perform ergonomic tasks and compliance with the program’s Technical Standards (listed in La Verne’s “ATEP Policies and Procedures Manual”).

5. Verification of current immunizations, including Hepatitis B, MMR, tetanus, polio, and a negative TB test.

6. Three letters of recommendation, at least one of which by a Certified Athletic Trainer.

7. Current First Aid/CPR certification.

8. A completed ATEP Application Form.

9. Application cover letter containing statement of professional interest, previous athletic training experiences, and career goals.

10. Professional resumé

11. An interview with ATEP faculty and staff.