Requirements and Details

Prerequisites: 12 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
WRT 110 College Writing A 4
WRT 111 College Writing B 4
EDUC 251 Principles and Practices for Early Childhood Education 4
EDUC 253 Child, Family, and Community 4

Total program: 74 semester hours

50 semester hours minimum (B.S.) + 24 semester hours (M.S.)

B.S. Core Requirements: 20 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 350 Child Psychology & Development 4
EDUC 352 Writing for Child Development 4
EDUC 452 Parenting Theory in Culture Contexts 4
EDUC 454P Early Childhood Practicum 4
EDUC 499 Senior Project 4

Integrated Concentration Requirements: 12 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 354P Observation and Assessment Practicum 4
EDUC 453A Administration in Early Childhood 4
EDUC 445 Adult Supervision & Communication 4

Specialization Requirements: 6 semester hours

Early Childhood Special Education


Code Course Title Units
SPED 455 Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education: Policies and Practices and 4
Special Education Course selected in consultation with advisor 2
EDUC 451 Infant/Toddler Development and 4
EDUC 447 Infant/Toddler Curriculum 2

MS Prerequisite Requirements: 12 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 449 Early Childhood Literacy 4
EDUC 459 Curriculum for Young Children 4
EDUC 453B Advanced Administration in Early childhood 4

Upon completion of 38 of the required 50 units, students will advance to M.S. prerequisite coursework to complete the last 12 units of the B.S. degree. The following semester the student will be admitted into the Child Development M.S. program. An additional 24 graduate level units are required to earn the M.S. degree. Students must enroll in the M.S. Child Development program the semester following the completion of the B.S. Child Development degree. M.S. units can be completed in one year with fulltime enrollment in 12 units each semester.

For MS Requirements, see Child and Family Professional Programs in the Graduate Studies section.

Admission Requirements

  • A GPA of 3.0 or more in college coursework.
  • Interview with Chair of Child Development B.S.
  • Signed “Child Development Integrated B.S. + M.S. Successful Progress” agreement
  • Clear fingerprints (FBI, DOJ, and CAI)
  • Up to date immunization record
  • Must have received full admission to the MS Degree program prior to completion of 92 semester hours of the undergraduate degree

Graduation Requirements

  1. Application for Graduation
  2. Bachelor degree requires completion of all university requirements. This includes the 12SH of the M.S. prerequisite requirements.
  3. Master degree requires completion of the Bachelor Degree courses consecutively completed.
  4. Developmental Knowledge Exam
  5. Completion of course assessments, electronic portfolio TaskStream submissions, and fieldwork requirements as mandated by the college.
  6. Graduation Clearance from the Office of the Registrar
  7. Diplomas will be issued for each degree separately upon successful completion of all degree requirements.