Requirements and Details


Applicants should possess a master’s degree, ideally in Public Administration or a closely related field. Applicants must also have a minimum of five years of work experience.

Total Program: 55 semester hours minimum

The program requires a minimum time commitment of three years of coursework which includes six units each term. After successfully completing coursework students are required to produce and defend a dissertation of publishable quality.

Program Coursework: 54 semester hours

First Year (Two Courses per Term)

Code Course Title Units
PADM 609 Nature of Inquiry 3
PADM 611 Scope of PA 3
PADM 612 Qualitative Analysis 3
PADM 610 Constitutional Foundations 3
PADM 613 Quantitative Analysis 3
PADM 677 Ethics and Decision Making 3

Second Year (Two Courses per Term)

Code Course Title Units
PADM 665 Economic Perspectives in Administrative and Policy Analysis 3
PADM 651 Policy 3
PADM 667 Urban Theory and Governance 3
PADM 674 Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement 3
PADM 664 Public Sector Collaboration 3
PADM 620 Organizational Development 3

The DPA comprehensive exam will be taken after successfully completing the second year coursework.

Third Year (Two Courses per Term)

Code Course Title Units
PADM 670 Dissertation Seminar 3
PADM 668 Civic Engagement I 3
PADM 686 Research Specialization I 3
PADM 669 Civic Engagement II 3
PADM 687 Research Specialization II 3
PADM 688 Research Specialization III 3
Dissertation Units: 1-22 semester hours

Students must be continuously enrolled in either Dissertation I or II coursework until they have successfully completed their dissertation and it has been posted.

Post Coursework Terms 10-12
Code Course Title Units
PADM 697C Dissertation I 1
Post Coursework Terms 13-24
Code Course Title Units
PADM 697D Dissertation II 2

Applicants are evaluated in a two stage process: First stage applicants are initially screened based on undergraduate GPA, graduate GPA, Statement of Purpose and letters of recommendation. Applicants advancing to the second stage will be required to schedule a personal interview. A standardized test score (e.g. GMAT or GRE) may be required if recommended by the Faculty Admissions Committee. The department considers all of these measures in making a decision on admission. Students accepted into the D.P.A. program will begin their coursework in the Fall term.