Requirements and Details

Total semester hours: 20-24

Core Requirements

Students must take one of the following:

Code Course Title Units
JAPN 320 Advanced Japanese Grammar and Conversation I, or
JAPN 321 Advanced Japanese Grammar and Conversation II 4

An additional four upper-division courses, or an additional five courses, three of which must be upper division, from among the following:

Code Course Title Units
ANTH 340 Language and Culture, or 4
ENG 270 The Foundation of Linguistics 4
JAPN 210 Intermediate Japanese I 4
JAPN 211 Intermediate Japanese II 4
JAPN 330 Second Language Teaching 4
LIT 374 Experiencing Japan: Its Culture and Its People 4
JAPN 399 Independent Study 1-4
JAPN 420 Commercial Japanese 4
LIT 375 Modern Asian Literature in Translation 4
REL 305 World Religions: East 4
HSTY 464 Modern China and Japan, or 4
PLSC 464 Modern China and Japan 4
ART 390 Art History Special Topics: Asian Art/Japanese Art 4

*ART 390 counts toward the minor only when the topic is Asian/Japanese Art.

Students must receive a C- or better for a course to be applied to the minor. No more than 8 semesters of approved coursework may be applied toward the minor. Study abroad through a La Verne-approved program can also count towards the minor’s lower division units.