Requirements and Details

Foundation Courses: 0-18 semester hours

The foundation courses a student must fulfill is determined by the chairperson’s review of the student’s undergraduate coursework and professional experience. If foundation courses are needed, they should be among the first courses taken.

Code Course Title Units
BUS 500A Accounting Fundamentals 3
BUS 500B Economics for Decision Making 3
BUS 500C Quantitative and Statistical Analysis 3
BUS 500D Business Finance 3
BUS 500E Business Management 3
BUS 500F Business Marketing 3
Total Program: 36 semester hours
Core Courses: 24 semester hours
Code Course Title Units
BUS 503 Accounting Information for Decision-Making 3
BUS 510 Management of Information Technology 3
BUS 525 Economics of the Firm 3
BUS 530 Financial Management 3
BUS 551 Seminar in Organization Theory and Behavior 3
BUS 560 Seminar in Marketing Management 3
BUS 575 Analysis of Business Operations 3
BUS 581 Managing in a Global Economy 3
Concentrations/Electives: 9 semester hours

Students may complete one of the concentrations listed after the M.B.A., Experienced Professionals, or the M.S., Leadership and Management, or students may select 12 semester hours of electives from 500-level BUS courses other than foundation courses.

Culminating Activity: 3 semester hours
Code Course Title Units
BUS 596 Graduate Business Seminar 3