Requirements and Details

Students may pursue the Biology minor by first meeting with a Biology professor to discuss their interests/goals with respect to earning the minor. The foundational requirements provide the fundamental physical and biological principles of the natural sciences, while the elective courses taken will focus the student into a particular concentration of Biology (health sciences, organismal, environmental, and cellular or molecular biology).

Total semester hours: 24-26

Foundational Requirements: 8-10 semester hours

Two of the five courses must be taken.*

Code Course Title Units
BIOL 101 Life Science: Human Environment 4
BIOL 201 General Biology I 4*
BIOL 202 General Biology II 4*
BIOL 204 Plant Biology 5*
BIOL 205 Animal Biology 5*


A minimum of 16 semester hours of upper division BIOL courses are required. One upper division chemistry course may be substituted for one of the upper division Biology courses, but is contingent on the completion of BIO 314 – Biochemistry

*BIOL 201, 202, 204 or 205 may be substituted with an approved upper division course if its counterpart has been taken; therefore taking BIOL 101 disqualifies the individual from this choice.