Requirements and Details

Suggested Prehealth Science Program for Students Majoring in Biology

Freshman year:
Code Course Title Units
BIOL 204 Plant Biology 5
BIOL 205 Animal Biology 5
CHEM 201,202 General Chemistry I, II 5,5
English and Speech 4,4,2

Three electives (general education requirements)

Sophomore year:
Code Course Title Units
BIOL 310 Cell Biology 4
BIOL 311 Genetics 4
BIOL 312 Environmental Biology 4
CHEM 311,312 Organic Chemistry I, II 5,5
MATH 201,202 Calculus I, II 4,4

Two electives (including general education requirements)

Junior year:
Code Course Title Units
BIOL 313 Developmental Biology 4
BIOL 314 Biochemistry 5
PHYS 201,202 General Physics I, II 5,5

Four electives (including general education requirements)

Senior year
  • Fall: Appropriate screening exam-MCAT, DAT, PCAT, etc.
  • Completion of major requirements, including senior project.
  • Completion of general education requirements.
  • Comprehensive examination in Biology.

If majoring in Chemistry, Physics, or Other Field

The above schedule for Biology majors illustrates one pathway that could be followed, but if majoring in Chemistry or another demanding major, it is especially important to receive proper advising.