Requirements and Details

A broad academic, cultural, and intellectual background in the various disciplines of the liberal arts is highly beneficial to students who are considering the legal profession. While leading law schools prescribe no one set of courses for students preparing to enter law school, all encourage prelaw students to develop skills in analytic research, communication (both written and oral), and reading comprehension. Prelaw students may select any undergraduate major offered at ULV.

The prelaw advisor has been designated to give prelaw students assistance in designing their courses of study at La Verne to best prepare them for law school. Through careful counseling the advisor will identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses for future legal study. This individualized counseling program and the help given to students in locating suitable law schools has been successful in placing prelaw students in the La Verne College of Law as well as other law schools in California and other parts of the United States. Students are urged to contact the prelaw advisor as soon as they decide to pursue a legal career.