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Food Bag Campaign

Help us Reach our Goal of 300 Bags for April

You are invited to send a bag of food to the Leo Food Pantry as a way to support our students in this uncertain time!  The Leo Food Pantry serves La Verne students who are experiencing food insecurity.  Given the current situation, it is difficult for us to get large quantities of basic food items and so we asking for your help!  We are asking donors to use Instacart, an online grocery delivery service, to create a bag of food (based on a standardized list of foods listed below) to be delivered to the university.  Bags will cost about $35 each.  Please refer to the instructions below for using Instacart, the delivery address and the approved list of foods.  Thank you for supporting our students!

Instructions for Ordering a Bag of Food for Leo Food Pantry

Printable Version of Instructions and Food List

  1. Sign-up for an account with Instacart. You can do this via the web (  or you can download the Instacart App on your smart phone or tablet.
  2. Instacart requires you to set up your account either using your email address or Facebook/Google.
  3. Set delivery address to 2230 First Street, La Verne, Ca 91750. Please do not use the main address of the University.  The address listed above goes directly to our loading dock.
  4. You will be asked to choose a grocery store. Stater Bros may be the least expensive in our area, but you can choose any grocery store
  5. If you want to send multiple bags, please do separate orders that are delivered on different days. Separate orders are important so that we do not have to repackage bags, thus cutting down on the need for us to touch the items.
  6. Use the approved list below to fill your order. This list provides basic nutrition and we ask that you not veer from this list.  Because food supplies are in flux right now, we understand that you may have to do a substitution.  Get as close as you can to the spirit of the list!  Please do not add items that are in addition to the approved list. 
  7. Please note that our approved list of food creates a generic vegetarian bag of food. We will be adding canned meat and soups for those that eat meat.  If you make a substitution, please only order an item that is vegetarian.  Note: The Leo Food Pantry will supply bags of food for students with special diets, such as Gluten Free or Dairy Free.  You do not need to worry about those special bags. 
  8. The food bag should be approximately $35. Look for store brands/sale items to keep costs down.
  9. Please set the delivery date for any Tuesday or Thursday in April at 8:00 a.m.
  10. Unless you are a member of Instacart, you will be assessed a delivery and service fee. You will also have the option of giving the driver a tip at your discretion
  11. On Delivery Instructions please write “Leo Food Pantry – Contact Johnny Chavez 909-448-4541. Donation by (your name or anonymous)”
  12. If you feel comfortable doing so, please send us an email at to let us know a bag is on its way!
  13. On the date of the delivery, Instacart may send you a message if a grocery item is not available. Instacart will make suggestions for substitutions. Again, use your best judgment for a substitution that is consistent with the approved food list.
  14. Thank you for supporting our students!  For questions, please email

Approved List for Food Bag

2 packages of Spaghetti Pasta (16 oz each)
2 jars of Pasta Sauce (24 oz each)
1 jar of Peanut Butter (16 oz)
1 box of Instant Oatmeal (8-10 packets)
1 box of Granola Bars (preferably Nature Valley Crunchy Bars because of nutritional value, 8-24 bars)
2 cans of Corn (15 oz each, approx)
2 cans of Green Beans (15 oz each, approx)
2 cans of Cut Carrots (15 oz each, approx)
3 cans of Beans (choose pinto, black, and/or vegetarian refried beans)
1 box Instant Mashed Potatoes (24 oz, approx) or 4 individual packets (4 oz each)
2 packages of Mixed Fruit Snack Cups (16 oz each, approx)
3 boxed meals: choose Rice-a-Roni, Pasta-Roni, and/or Mac ‘n Cheese (5-8 oz each, vegetarian flavors)
1 Box of Crackers (10-16 oz)


For a cash donation to Leo Food Pantry, please go to this link.