Reserving the Sacred Space

The Sacred Space’s primary function is to provide a place for spiritual activity, such as individual prayer/meditation, group ceremonies, ritual, worship, reflection and contemplation. We seek to retain its spiritual quality by allowing for unprogrammed parts of the day so that people can enjoy the quiet. We do not typically book things back to back in this space. Holy day events are given first priority because they fall on specific dates for celebration. These will be calendared ahead of time as much as possible to avoid calendaring conflicts.

Types of Events

In addition to sacred events, the Sacred Space is available for special events, such as lectures, music and art performances, and other special gatherings that are appropriate for a sacred space. It is a place for education, building understanding and community, and communicating values of peace, unity, harmony, justice, and love. As long as the event is sponsored by a University club, department or office, there is no charge for utilizing the space.

Renting the Sacred Space

The Sacred Space can be rented by individuals and groups for weddings, memorials, and other rituals/events that are appropriate to the space. Rental fees apply.

Details about the Space

The Sacred Space can seat up to 70 people inside comfortably with stadium seating (although it can seat up to 100). There are glass walls on the West side that can be opened up to an outside patio, providing more stadium seating (up to 50 more chairs). Monitors, located on the patio, as well as in the Lobby, can broadcast the event to participants. The room has an integrated sound system, a projector and screen, and a movable podium with wireless microphones that can be placed anywhere in the room. Exception: If you are using the podium to connect to the projector or if you need to have an electrical source for other devices, there are three specific locations in which the podium can stand. If you plan to use the projector, please bring your own laptop (and any adapters) to connect to the podium. Because the space is in the round, there is no designated direction for events (hence the movable podium). You can choose your own direction. However, if you are using the projector and screen, the front will be on the East side.


We ask that requests be made at least one week in advance of the event. Please indicate if you would like to schedule the Lobby for your event. If you are also wanting to reserve the outside patio areas for your event, please be in touch directly with Please note, because the Sacred Space, Lobby, and outside patios are in close proximity, we do not schedule multiple events at the same time. You can be assured that if you reserve the Sacred Space, there will not be other events on the outside patios or Lobby, unless they are for your event.

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