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Your Path to a Purposeful Life

Your Path: Create Your FutureVision

Support your academic excellence, your career aspirations, and your creation of a purposeful and fulfilling life, one that is grounded in your values, hopes, and dreams, inspires your happiness, and contributes to the well-being of the planet and its people.


  1. Increase students’ confidence, self-efficacy, and sense of purpose in their path towards career. Including identifying and building on their strengths, skills, and talents.
  2. Help students find connections between their career aspirations and their virtues as well as to the needs of the community.
  3. Provide students with opportunities to increase their academic and career skills.
  4. Increase 4-year graduation rate and annual persistence rates.
  5. Increase placement into careers/professions or graduate program after graduation.


Your Path is a series of activities that support each student’s journey to a purposeful life and career. Activities are designed to encourage students to first do a self-reflection, answering questions about virtues, goals, and career. These self reflections are sometimes accompanied by an interview or attending Skillshops (student workshops) to add knowledge or perspective. After finishing the activity, the student will then have a 5-10 minute Your Path conversation with a faculty, staff, or peer mentor on campus. This provides an opportunity for students to gain mentorship and advice and build their campus network and get the activity signed off. In addition, activities are scaffolded across four years to provide support at each step in a students’ journey at La Verne and towards career.

Each activity will engage you in one of the following areas:

Living a Meaningful Life Central Question: What brings me joy?

Activities invite you to look deeply and build self-knowledge about your own identity, values, virtues, commitments, and definitions of success so that you can name and claim your sense of meaning and purpose for your life.

Discerning a Purposeful Life and Career Central Question: How can I live life intentionally?

Activities invite you to find direction by identifying strengths, skills, talents and interests, create a track record of the skills employers seek, getting connected to the resources you need to discern and create a purposeful life and career, and making purposeful and realistic choices during your academic career.

Understanding Purpose in the Context of Community Central question: What community issues do I care about?

Activities invite you to connect with the world beyond yourself, such as getting engaged with the community and reflecting on social responsibility, civic engagement, making a difference, and putting your values into practice.

Sustaining the Journey Central Question: What sustains me?

Activities “fill” your backpack with skills, practices, and relationships that support a lifelong journey toward a purposeful life and career.

Questions? Contact Zandra Wagoner, University Chaplain or Nancy Reyes, Interim Associate Dean of Learning, Innovation, and Teaching.