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Families and Guests

Thank You Mom and Dad

Welcome parents, families and friends! Please read the information in the links below as you prepare for the upcoming Winter 2019 Commencement celebrations.

When to Arrive

We recommend that guests arrive one hour and a half prior to the ceremony to secure parking and seating. Once guests find parking, go directly to the Sports Science and Athletics Pavilion. Guests arriving late may have difficulty finding parking and a seat. Guests are not allowed to enter the Sports Science and Athletics Pavilion during the processional which starts 15 minutes before the ceremony begins.


On Commencement Day, University of La Verne’s parking permit requirement for on-campus parking will not be enforced. However, Campus Safety will continue to enforce the parking restrictions for all on-campus parking lots/stalls as follows: 20 minute, Reserved, Handicap (Handicap placard or plate is required), or in fire lanes, at any time. Due to the volume of students graduating that day, plan to arrive early to find parking. If you park on the street, be aware of time limits and unauthorized spaces, as the City of La Verne Police will be ticketing.

The shuttle will be running from the Shuttle Parking Lot to the drop-off station behind the Wilson Library on Friday, February 1st only (from 2:00PM-7:00PM). All vehicles must be removed from the Shuttle Parking Lot by 7:00PM.

Handicap parking spaces are available on a first-come-first serve basis in all parking lots and on the first floor of the Parking Structure. The La Verne Police Department and our University Campus Safety Officers do patrol and issue tickets if official Handicap plates and/or Handicap placards are not posted on your vehicle. Do not park in a Handicap space without an official California issued Handicap parking permit.


All guests attending must have a printed e-ticket in order to enter the venue. Children age 2 and under do not require a ticket but will need to remain on a parent’s lap for the duration of the ceremony. Tickets are free of charge, unique to each college ceremony, and only valid at the Commencement ceremony listed on the ticket. Due to the high volume of expected guests, if guests do not have a ticket or they have a counterfeit ticket, they will be denied entry. The sale and/or copying of commencement tickets is strictly prohibited.


There will be overflow seating in Ballroom A located on the third floor of the Abraham Campus Center, where the ceremony will be live broadcast. Tickets are not required. Seating is on a first come, first serve basis.

Live Stream

The ceremonies will be live broadcast and can be accessed through any device with internet access. The link will be available from the Commencement website “Watch Live” tab 5 minutes before the ceremony begins.

General Guest Seating

The Winter Commencement ceremonies will take place at the Sports Science and Athletics Pavilion, which is an indoor venue. Doors open one and a half hours prior to the start of each ceremony. Seating is available on the gymnasium floor on chairs or on the bleachers. Seating at commencement is general admission and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Access to the Pavilion is through the East Ramp Entrance B that leads directly to the ceremony. Only guests with disabilities that need an elevator can enter through Entrance A.

Important:  Due to limitations in space in the Pavilion, please be advised that purses, coats, etc. must be held by individuals and not placed on the nearest seat. All seating spaces must be kept open in order to accommodate all of the guests at each ceremony.

Handicap Guest Seating

Wheelchair access to the Pavilion is through the East Ramp Entrance B that leads directly to the second floor and the ceremony or by accessing the elevator through Entrance A.

  • No wheelchairs are allowed in the aisles due to limited space.
  • For assistance at the ceremony, please contact an usher.
  • A limited number of wheelchair spaces are reserved on the main floor. Wheelchair spaces are reserved at the end of rows with (1) designated chair held for attendants. Designated wheelchair spaces available on a first come-first serve basis.
  • It is recommended that guests arrive an hour and a half prior to the beginning of the ceremony.

Weather Tip

We recommend that you prepare for the weather since it is scheduled to rain on Commencement weekend. Please note while we are allowing umbrellas into the venue, they must be placed in a plastic bag (located at entrance of the venue) and cannot be opened or left in the isles.

Food and Beverages

Outside food and beverages are not allowed. Our aim is to provide for all of our graduates and their guests, a clean and well kept facility to enjoy and celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited.


Balloons (mylar or latex) are not allowed. We cannot permit balloons that might be accidentally released that might float into the roof of the building and interfere with classes. Balloons should be left in the car or not brought at all.


Due to limited space inside the Pavilion, strollers are not allowed. Guests will also not be allowed to leave strollers outside of the venue.

Supervision of Children

For safety reasons, children should not be allowed to play on the bleachers or in the aisles and should be supervised at all times. Please do not allow your children to be unattended at any point during your visit.

Disruptive Behavior

To respect the importance and formality of the event for our candidates, no bull horns, noise-makers, or amplified devices are allowed in the ceremony. If disruptive behavior occurs guests could be asked to leave the premises by staff or Campus Safety.

Personal Photography

We understand the importance of capturing the moment. For this reason, the University has contracted GradImages to take a picture of the graduate when they receive their diploma case. Guests are not allowed to proceed into the graduate sections to take pictures or to block the aisles. Guests will be approached by staff and warned to proceed back to their seats. Guests that do not abide by the request of a staff member will be asked to leave the premises.


For a list of accommodations around the university, click here.


For a list of restaurants and eateries around the university, click here.

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