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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps I must complete to participate in the commencement ceremony?

You must complete the following steps:

  1. Apply for graduation prior to the Registrar’s published deadline.
  2. Confirm your eligibility to participate in commencement with your academic advisor.
  3. Fill out the Student Participation Form on the commencement website.
  4. Purchase and obtain your academic regalia.
  5. Pick up your guest tickets.
  6. Come to the ceremony ninety minutes prior for check-in.

What information will I receive regarding commencement?

Traditional Undergraduate students cleared to participate in commencement will receive an email notification from the Registrar’s Office. Comprehensive information will also be available on the Commencement Website. Eligible candidates should continually monitor the commencement website for important updates.

How do I access the commencement website?

The web address of the commencement website is  You can also access the commencement website from the University of La Verne homepage ( – click on the drop down menu under Life at Laverne, then click on the Commencement link.  The commencement website provides you with the most up-to-date information about all events related to commencement weekend, and will be updated regularly in the weeks leading up to commencement.

How do I know if I am eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony?

An initial list of eligible candidates will be posted in the Essentials for Graduation section of the commencement website. The first list will be posted on November 9, 2018 and will be updated weekly on Fridays as eligible candidates are added. Names added to this list after December 3, 2018 may not be included in the Commencement Booklet.

When and how do I find out about school honors (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude)?

School honors are available to bachelor’s degree students only.  An initial list of students receiving school honors will be posted to the commencement website January 4, 2019If you have transfer work from prior terms, the Registrar’s Office must receive those transcripts by November 21, 2018 in order for the units to be included in honors calculations. Please keep in mind that the requirements for school honors will be recalculated and officially awarded at the time of degree posting – recognition in the Commencement Booklet does not guarantee official receipt of school honors. Please refer to the University catalog for more specific information regarding school honors.

How do I find out about departmental honors?

Nominations for departmental honors must come from the major department or from the academic advisor. The Registrar’s Office will then verify whether nominees meet the minimum qualifications for these honors, and will post an initial list of qualified nominees to the commencement website January 4, 2019.  If you have transfer work from prior terms, the Registrar’s Office must receive those transcripts by November 21, 2018 in order for the units to be included in honors calculations.  Please keep in mind that the requirements for departmental honors will be recalculated and officially awarded at the time of degree posting – recognition in the Commencement Booklet does not guarantee official receipt of departmental honors.  Please refer to the University catalog for more specific information regarding departmental honors.

How do I inform the Commencement Office that I am planning to participate in the commencement ceremony?

You MUST fill out the online Student Participation Form by January 21, 2019.  This form is located in the Essentials for Graduation section of the commencement website.  Please note that filling out the participation forms does not guarantee your eligibility to participate in commencement, or that your name will be printed in the commencement booklet.  Please check the eligible commencement participant lists on the website, or contact your academic advisor or the Registrar’s Office to verify your eligibility.

Where can I purchase academic regalia?

Bachelor and Master students can purchase regalia online, or on-campus during sales events coordinated by the Commencement Office. Please visit the commencement website for more information regarding when, how, and where you may purchase academic regalia.

What is the color of the academic regalia?

Bachelor student regalia includes a black gown and mortarboard, a green tassel, and a hood with white velvet lining. Master student regalia includes a black gown and mortarboard, a black tassel, and a hood with the color of the velvet lining varying by degree.

Where and how do I get my guest tickets?

Each eligible candidate may receive up to five (5) guest tickets for their ceremony. This year we will be using e-tickets that students can print anywhere, including home. Students will be given a link where they can access their tickets available on December 14, 2018. Tickets must be printed by January 21, 2019. Each ticket will have a unique barcode which can only be scanned once for entry into the ceremony. Attempting to use duplicate tickets of the original will not gain you access to the venue. Due to this being a new experience, only physical tickets will be accepted, not digital tickets (you cannot use your phone).

What if I don’t pick-up my guest tickets by the deadline?

Students that do not pick up their tickets will need to submit an Appeal Form to the Office of Commencement by January 23, 2019 by 5PM with a $60 fee (cash or check only).

Where do I purchase graduation announcements?

Information regarding how to purchase graduation announcements is available in the Essentials for Graduation section of the commencement website.

What is the Baccalaureate service? (not available for Winter Ceremonies)

This is a traditional, non-denominational religious service for all students, their family, and friends. The Baccalaureate service is another opportunity for you to wear your academic regalia and process in front of the faculty and your guests.  More information about the Baccalaureate service will be posted to the commencement website.

How many guests may I invite to the commencement ceremony?

Each eligible candidate will receive 5 guest tickets. All guests except children two (2) years old and under will require a guest ticket for admittance into the ceremony. Children two (2) years old and younger must sit on an adult lap. Please inform your guests that guest seating for the commencement ceremony is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and that balloons or strollers will not be allowed in the guest seating area.

Can I receive extra guest tickets?

The Office of Commencement Services will be distributing a limited number of extra tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis. More information to follow on December 14, 2018 on how to request extra tickets. Decisions are based on venue capacity and unclaimed ticket.

What time should I arrive for the commencement ceremony?

Commencement participants must arrive at least ninety minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.  This is to allow time for commencement participants to finish robing, wait for photographs, check-in with the Registrar staff, collect name cards for the ceremony announcer and photographer, and find their places in the processional line.

I am an eligible candidate with special needs.  Whom do I contact for assistance at the commencement ceremony?

Email Ann Jeffers in the Office of the Registrar at

What time will the Pavilion open to guests for the commencement ceremony?

The Pavilion doors will open one hour prior to each commencement ceremony.

How long does the commencement ceremony last?

Each ceremony will last approximately ninety minutes.

Where can guests or participants park for the commencement ceremony?

All University parking lots will be open on commencement day. University of La Verne parking permits will not be required for parking lots or spaces requiring these permits. If the lots are full, you will need to park along the street. Do not park on streets that indicate Parking by City Permit Only.  The La Verne Police Department does patrol during the ceremonies, so be sure to park legally. We suggest that you arrive early, as parking is limited.

What should guests do when they arrive for the Commencement Ceremony?

Guests should proceed directly to the Pavilion, where the ceremony will take place. Guests arriving late may have difficulty finding a seat. Guest seats may not be saved during the fifteen minutes prior the start of the ceremony.  Guests are not allowed to enter the Pavilion during the processional, and are not allowed at any time into the processional line-up, check-in, or robing area.

 Will there be parking and seating for handicapped and special needs guests?

There will be parking and seating on a first-come-first-serve basis for individuals who have special needs. There is limited handicap parking designated in each University parking lot. Be sure to have your handicap-parking permit in your vehicle.

Where do I line up for the processional?

Check-in will begin in Founders Hall.  Be certain to arrive on time to allow time for check-in, photographs, robing, and line-up. Commencement participants should arrive at least ninety minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.

Is there a rehearsal that I should attend?

There is no rehearsal. We will provide you with all the instructions that you need during check-in and line-up, prior to the procession into the Pavilion.

What should I wear to the commencement ceremony?

Dress appropriately for the weather and appropriately for the special occasion.

Are participants allowed to wear any cords, scarves, caps, hoods, etc. that are not issued by the university?

No. Only University approved regalia is allowed, as this is the University of La Verne’s academic ceremony.  We reserve the right to ask you to remove any non-approved regalia.

Where can I put my personal belongings during the ceremony?

Do not bring any personal belongings to the processional line-up and robing location.  Give them to a family member or other guest before you come to this location.  Only ceremony participants are allowed in the processional line-up and robing location, and staff will not allow any guests into this location.  Because we do not have an area to lock or store personal belongings and are not responsible for any lost items, University staff are also prohibited from holding or storing personal belongings for commencement participants.

Can I sit with my friends during the commencement ceremony?

You will be seated next to whoever is in front of and behind you during the processional line-up.  Line-up and seating for all master participants is by degree.  Undergraduate participants will be grouped first by honors, and then by program location.  If you and your friends are attending the same ceremony and have the same degree you will be able to sit together – just be sure to stand in front of or in back of your friends while lining up.

Will I receive my diploma at the commencement ceremony?

No. At the commencement ceremony you will receive a diploma cover containing a certificate of participation.  The Registrar’s Office mails your diploma to you 3-4 months after your degree is posted to your official transcript. Be sure to inform the Registrar’s Office of any changes to your address to ensure that you receive your complimentary transcript and diploma.

What is the size of the diploma?

The Master and Bachelor diplomas measure 8 ½ x 11 inches.

If I have any further questions, whom do I contact?

A:    If you have specific questions regarding the commencement ceremonies, please contact the Commencement Office via email at, or by phone at (909) 448-4757.

If you have questions regarding your degree progress and eligibility to participate in commencement:

All Regional Campus or CAPA students (Graduate and Undergraduate) should contact their academic advisor directly.

Main Campus Graduate students should contact Graduate Academic Services at (909) 448-4011.

Traditional Undergraduate students attending the Main Campus should contact Academic Advising at (909) 448-4581 or (909) 448-4510.


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