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Anne Mangahas

Anne Mangahas

Assistant Professor, Education

Barkley Building

Dr. Anne Mangahas has served in the educational community for over 18 years at the secondary and collegiate levels. She has degrees in Biology, Biochemistry, Philosophy of Science, and Educational Leadership and was a former research scientist at the University of Southern California (USC)’s Keck School of Medicine at the Institute for Genetic Medicine (IGM) holding a STEM Leadership Certificate from a joint endeavor between NASA Endeavor and Columbia University. She was the former Associate Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation for the Center of Advancement and Faculty Excellence (CAFE), now the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), where she worked in faculty development, and on a $6,000,000-dollar federal Title III HSI STEM grant to promote the retention and graduation rates of Latinx students in STEM majors through the work with STEM Faculty Learning Communities (FLC). She is now an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education with the La Fetra College of Education and is the Center Director for the Center for Learning Innovation (CLI). With her passion for education, her goal is to prepare students to become professional educators able to create student-centered learning environments using high-impact brain-based teaching strategies and technology integrated culturally responsive pedagogies.

Dr. Mangahas’ research interests include: Faculty development, critical consciousness and theory in STEM education, equity and diversity, multicultural education, and comparative international educational models.