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MD Haque

MD Haque

Assistant Professor, Organizational Leadership

Main: (909) 448-4791
Leo Hall


  • Haque, M. & Liu, L., & TitiAmayah, A. (2020). The relationship between vision and organizational readiness for change: The mediating effects of empowerment and trust in the leader. Journal of Organizational Psychology, 20 (2).
  • Haque, M., Liu, L., & TitiAmayah, A. (2017). The role of patience as a decision-making heuristic in leadership, Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal, 12(2), 111-129.
  • Haque, M., TitiAmayah, A., & Liu, L. (2016). The role of vision in organizational readiness for change and growth. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 37(7), 983-999.