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Yvette Latunde

Yvette Latunde

Co-Director, Center for Educational Equity and Intercultural Research
Professor, Organizational Leadership

Office: (626) 214-5664
Leo Hall

Dr. Latunde is a Professor in the Organizational Leadership Program and Co-Director of the LaFetra College of Education Center for Educational Equity and Intercultural Research (CEEIR) at the University of La Verne. As she has navigated higher education and public schools, she found herself needing to engage in frequent self-care and purposeful interactions with diverse communities, in order to thrive. Thus she uses mindfulness, and applications of hospitality to lead, teach, mentor, consult, and coach.

Over the years she has published and presented locally and internationally on family, school, and community partnerships. Dr. Latunde is the author of Research in Parental Involvement: Methods and Strategies for Education and Psychology and numerous articles. She is a part of a team engaged in coaching school leaders on applications of mindfulness, and is the lead consultant for the African American Parent Advisory Academy, out of Riverside County Office of Education. Some of the work she is most proud of are the K-12 faith-based partnerships she has helped to develop and facilitate, to improve the ways in which schools engage with diverse families. She is also proud of the significant role she has played in the formation of African American Parent Councils throughout Southern and Central California.



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Other Refereed Publications

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In Preparation

  • Latunde, Y. How COVID19 influenced Black women’s mothering, love, and work-life balance.
  • Latunde, Y. The impacts of COVID19 on high school seniors that identify as Black.
  • Latunde, Y. Leadership factors for women of color entrepreneurs.
  • Latunde, Y. A comparative analysis of Family engagement in the US and Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Latunde. Y. Educators’ perceptions of Challenging Behaviors.
  • Latunde, Y. Creating hospitable spaces for Black family engagement with school systems.

Additional Information

Research Interest

Inclusion, Transformation Leadership, Women in Leadership, Family, School, and Community Partnerships, and Diverse Family Engagement with School Systems