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Yvette Latunde

Yvette Latunde

Co-Director, Center for Educational Equity and Intercultural Research
Professor, Organizational Leadership

Dr. Yvette Latunde is a dedicated Teacher – Scholar. She has a desire to bring new insights from local levels to international platforms. Her commitment to mentoring, doctoral-student success, and fostering academic and inclusive communities motivates her to apply concepts of Hospitality and Critical Theory in her research and course-work. Yvette is passionate about teaching, learning, and seeks to inspire others to be their best selves. Her research interests include: Family, Schools, & Community partnerships, Parental Involvement, and Dual Capacity Building. She is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and Research in Parental Involvement: Methods and Strategies for Education and Psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, yoga, and community service.



  • Latunde, Y. (2017). Research in Parental Involvement: Methods and Strategies for Education and Psychology. New York, NY: Palgrave.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Louque, A.C., & Latunde, Y. (in press). Effective leadership of African American students: Utilizing families and communities. In C. E. Kelly, E. D. Brown, & G. M. Newton (Ed.), Finding Effective Leadership in Resegregated Schools: Cultural Competency, Community, and Shared Capital. Lausanne, Switzerland: Frontiers Education.
  • Latunde. Y. (in press). Mission possible: One mother’s story about academia, and parenting a child with exceptional needs. IV Press.
  • Latunde. Y. (2018). Expanding their opportunities to engage: A case of the African American Parent Council. Journal of Negro Education, 87(3), 270-283.
  • Latunde, Y. (2017). Welcoming Black families: What schools can learn from churches. Educational Leadership, 75(1).
  • Latunde, Y. (2017). The Role of Skills-based Interventions and Settings on the Engagement of Diverse Families. School Community Journal, 27(2).
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  • Latunde, Y., & Louque, A. (2016). Untapped resources: Black parent engagement that contributes to learning. The Journal of Negro Education, 85(1), 72-81.
  • Louque, A., & Latunde, Y. (2014). Supporting preservice teachers’ collaboration with school leaders. Journal of School Public Relations. 35(4), 494-510.
  • Louque, A., & Latunde, Y. (2014). Cultural capital in the village: The role Black families play in the education of children. The Journal of Multicultural Education. 8(3/4), 5-10.

Additional Information

Research Interest

Inclusion, Authentic Leadership, Family, School, and Community Partnerships, & Parental Involvement in Schools