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Artist Talk: Gary Brewer

The Department of Art and Art History is excited to welcome Gary Brewer to talk about his work in conjunction with the ongoing group exhibition, Secret Garden.

I look long and carefully at my subjects: orchids, lichens, corals, pollen and seeds; biological life forms that capture my imagination through their complex designs and compelling architectures, which over the years have become metaphors for the history of life on earth and of our consciousness. Our ‘selves’ are not what we once thought; discrete entities contained within skin, muscle and sinew. We are like a coral reef swelling with life forms; microorganisms that existed long before humans arrived on the earth, helping us to digest food, breathe, live and affecting our thoughts and emotions.

In my newest works I have included the mapping of ‘Dark Matter’, which was a theoretical embarrassment to Einstein (the un-resolvable conundrum of his ‘cosmological constant’) when I was born and was given credence 20 years ago when a group of Italian scientists believed that they had found a way to discern it. It is now seen in part as a gravitational structure that is web-like: ordering and organizing galaxies into clusters— an invisible lattice structuring the known universe.

— Brewer on his paintings.

About the Exhibition

Secret Garden is a group exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Rochelle Botello, Gary Brewer, Jason David and Rema Ghuloum. With playful allusions to both real and imagined spaces, this exhibition presents an environment saturated with synthetic and natural colors. Viewers are invited to discover physical and illusionistic relationships between objects and images. In the gallery space, bold textured surfaces and densely layered atmospheres transition into quiet introspective moments and intimate sensory perceptions. This exhibition continues to October 24, 2019.

For additional information please contact Dion Johnson or (909) 593-3511×4383.

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