Critical and Sustaining Pedagogies with Dr. Rema

Dr. Rema’s experiences position her as a champion for the underserved. Though she sees herself as strong, she’s keenly sensitive to those in need. Dr. Rema has overcome many obstacles throughout her life. Every step of the way, she had the assistance of others; those who helped her directly, those who took the time to write their narratives and share their wisdom, those who have come before her, people who invest in her, actively love her, edify her at critical developmental moments, and remind her of who and whose she is. With her powerful sense of agency, she often feels an obligation to use her resources, skills, talents to meet the needs of others. She services the underrepresented, the dispossessed, the most vulnerable, the wretched of the earth because she sees herself in them. We are all interdependent. Dr. Rema believes in the collective. She just happens to relate most with those who have been counted out.