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Javier Alvarez

March 11, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Javier Álvarez is a Chilean documentary photographer focused on social issues and human rights in neglected communities. After pursuing a BFA in Photography in Santiago de Chile, Javier worked as a freelance editorial and press photographer for agencies in between Brazil and Chile.

According to Camila Osorio essay review in Aperture Foundation, “Álvarez, born and raised in Chile, and currently based in New York, took a photograph of the couple at their dinner table last fall, after reaching out to the families of men and women killed during the historic nationwide protests that started in October 2019 and continued for months. According to Chile’s National Institute for Human Rights, law-enforcement officers injured more than four hundred protesters—leaving many partly or completely blind—and more than thirty people died during the unrest. Álvarez’s research turned into a striking new series, Paisaje Invisible (Invisible Landscape) (2020)—a close-up of the empty corner where a man was shot months before, or the ashes of the supermarket where Paula Lorca’s body was burned”. “I wanted to focus on the invisible,” Álvarez says. “On what is left that nobody thinks about.”

Currently, he is based in Brooklyn, NY.

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