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Sabbath as Resistance

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life will spend the next 6 weeks exploring the idea of Sabbath rest, a practice embraced by both Jews and Christians, as an anecdote, a healing balm, for our 24/7 society and an act of resistance to our restless cycles of consumption, achievement, performance, and possession.  This discussion group will be based upon Biblical scholar Walter Bruggemann’s short book, Sabbath as Resistance.  While our starting point will be grounded in the Abrahamic faith traditions, people from any faith tradition or no faith tradition are invited to join the discussion! Copies of the book chapters will be available for those who want to read along, although not required.  

We will meet virtually on Zoom. Come join us as we contemplate and practice creating a new normal that is more humane, just, and loving. To join, please register (link above) and you will be sent the meeting details and a copy of the first chapter!  To register and join this group, click here.