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Secret Garden

Reception: September 10, 6:00-8:00pm

Secret Garden is a group exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Rochelle Botello, Gary Brewer, Jason David and Rema Ghuloum. With playful allusions to both real and imagined spaces, this exhibition presents an environment saturated with synthetic and natural colors. Viewers are invited to discover physical and illusionistic relationships between objects and images. In the gallery space, bold textured surfaces and densely layered atmospheres transition into quiet introspective moments and intimate sensory perceptions. 

Constructed with tape, cardboard, and wood Rochelle Botello’s colorful sculptures strike dynamic poses that seamlessly integrate positive and negative space. Her intricate structures are comprised of slender spoke connections that transition into blossoming pillow-like planes. High key candy color seems to amplify a joyful energy circulating through a network of organic forms and architectural intersections.

Gary Brewer’s abstract oil on canvas paintings present complex figure ground relationships. He juxtaposes highly rendered images of orchids, lichens and precious metals against lusciously glazed grounds inspired by the cosmic depths of dark matter photography. As he explores the impactful possibilities of color, notions of intimacy and mystery synthesize and intertwine. 

Starting with blocks of raw wood, Jason David creates figurative abstract sculptures. He cuts, stacks, and assembles forms that may suggest desert cacti, animal appendages or twisting torsos. Stained and sanded surfaces unite the often off kilter assemblages whose chunky masses seem prepared to pirouette on cue. 

Rema Ghuloum makes hazy color field paintings with oil, acrylic and arcyla-gouache on canvas. Standing before her densely and delicately layered surfaces, space seems to perpetually evolve and fluctuate. Woven together with translucent tangles of brushwork, Ghuloum’s palate of intense refracted hues conjure sensations of sun-drenched gardens and tropical waters.