Dr. Richard Gelm is a professor of Political Science and has been chair of the Department of History and Political Science since 1997. A recognized authority on Political Science and American Government, Dr. Gelm has also authored or co-authored several publications on topics such as religion and politics (especially the politics of American bishops), American … Read More

Dr. Alfred Clark is a professor of humanities with four publications in the history of California and the history of higher education in California.  His current research interest is the history of water development within individual watersheds.  He is writing a 500-year study of the San Gabriel River watershed in Southern California.

The Dean of the University of La Verne’s College of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Jonathan Reed is a leading authority in early Christianity and the archaeology of ancient Mediterranean religions. A well-known bible scholar who teaches religion at the University of La Verne, Dr. Reed has also provided National Geographic and The History Channel with expert commentary … Read More

As an expert in social and cultural history, Dr. Kenneth Marcus was recently named a Fulbright Scholar, and will spend a semester teaching at Leiden University in Holland during Spring 2013. As professor of history and director of the International Studies Institute at the University of La Verne, one of Marcus’ many passions lies within engaging … Read More