Dr. Marcia Godwin is Associate Professor of Public Administration at the University of La Verne.  Her research interests include city government, economic development, local elections, fiscal sustainability, and development of the next generation of local government administrators.  Dr. Godwin has particular expertise related to local government in the Inland Empire and Inland Valley regions of Southern … Read More

Dr. Neville Marzwell is a Senior Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management at the University of La Verne in the Department of Business and Public Administration. Additionally, he is a consultant to major Aerospace and government agencies. He served NASA and other government agencies in Washington, D.C. for many years. At NASA, he was instrumental in the … Read More

Jack W. Meek, Ph.D. is a Professor of Public Administration, Fellow of the University of La Verne Academy and Director of the Master of Public Administration Program. His research focuses on metropolitan governance including the emergence of administrative connections and relationships in local government, regional collaboration and partnerships, policy networks and citizen engagement. Jack has co-edited … Read More

Dr. Matthew Witt is associate professor of public administration at the University of La Verne. He is a leading scholar of state crimes against democracy (SCADs), with work appearing in the journals: Public Administration Review, Public Integrity, and Administration & Society. He is also published in leading public administration journals that examine how race and racism … Read More