­­Dr. Christine Broussard is a Professor of Biology at University of La Verne. She is passionate about teaching and learning in the sciences and understanding the influence of environmental contaminants on human health. Her science education research focuses on integrating research immersion experiences into laboratory components of biology courses such as Cell Biology and Developmental Biology.  … Read More

Dr. Robert Neher is a professor of biology and the chair of the natural science division at the University of La Verne, where he has been teaching for 53 years. Dr. Neher started La Verne’s pre-med program and brings specific expertise in plant systematics and sustainability. He was instrumental in the establishment of La Verne’s Clark Fork Field … Read More

Dr. Kathleen Weaver is associate professor of Biology at the University of La Verne. A former 7th and 8th grade science and engineering teacher, Dr. Weaver’s research interests are biogeography, phylogeography, conservation genetics, systematics, malacology, ecology niche modeling, and science in education. Her work focuses largely on land snails in the genus Oreohelix, the characteristic land snail of … Read More

Dr. Iraj Parchamazad received bachelor’s and master’s degrees of science in chemistry at Tehran University in Iran, and his Diplome d’Etudes Superieurs Techniques and Ph.D. from Aix-Marseille University in France. His research interests include electron-transfer processes involving twisted intramolecular charge transfer states, solar chemistry and organic solar cell, and photochemical storage of solar energy using Zeolites … Read More