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Digital Marketing

Prepare to Earn a Certificate in Digital Marketing

Get certified in Digital Marketing! In conjunction with SMstudy, the University of La Verne offers a four (4) day, 32 hour course on digital marketing (DM).  DM includes all marketing activities using electronic devices connected to the internet to engage with customers (e.g., computers, tablets, smartphones), creating and managing effective websites and mobile apps, and promoting a company’s products and brand through various online channels that help meet Marketing objectives.

SMstudy is a global accreditation body for sales and marketing certifications and this course is one of six aspects of marketing discussed in the SMstudy Guide series. Take this course in DM and an online SMstudy-proctored exam from any location to become certified.

Please note: course fee includes an online proctored exam to obtain certification from SMstudy.

SMstudy Series

Digital Marketing is one of six aspects of marketing discussed in the SMstudy Guide series. Other Aspects are outlined below; see their site for more details.

  • Digital Marketing (DM)
  • Marketing Research (MR)
  • Corporate Sales (CS)
  • Branding and Advertising (BA)
  • Retail Marketing (RM)
  • Marketing Strategy (MS)

Digital Marketing Course Overview

The processes associated with establishing a Digital Marketing Strategy include gaining an understanding of the specific targets that this aspect of marketing must achieve in order to contribute to the successful attainment of marketing objectives; recognizing the various channels and options that digital media offers; building or acquiring the needed expertise and establishing a strong digital presence; and optimizing each of these channels to ensure maximum reach, build good customer relationships, and establish and protect a strong reputation in the chosen markets.

Digital Marketing Course Topics

  1. Digital Marketing (DM) Channels
  2. Plan and Develop DM Channels
  3. Optimize Website
  4. Optimize Mobile Channel
  5. Optimize Social Media
  6. Other important elements of DM channels

Digital Marketing Certification Process 

Want to get certified after the class is over? SMstudy provides an online live proctored exam that will allow you to take your certification exam from the comfort of your home using a webcam and a reliable internet connection. There are four levels of certification (Associate, Professional, Specialist, and Expert) with the Associate level certification available free of charge. The digital marketing exam will be proctored live and a video of the exam will be recorded and reviewed by the SMstudy team.

You apply for the SMstudy online exam on digital marketing by creating an account using the link below. Once your application is approved (course fee includes examination fee), you will receive an email with the exam link, dates, and times for the exam. You will receive your exam results immediately after you have submitted your completed exam.

Who Should Attend

  • Sales and Marketing professionals who want to:
    • Increase their knowledge of digital marketing
    • Learn practical skills that will impact their job immediately
    • Gain recognition for knowledge and skills that are globally applicable
    • Get certified in digital marketing through SMstudy
  • Professionals who have a desire to work in the digital marketing field