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Online -Self Study Certificate Programs

The University of La Verne’s online certificate programs allow you to study at a time that’s convenient for you without sacrificing your work or family obligations.  We encourage you to take a look at our online options below and see what works for you.  All online self-study programs are $750 and include access for 1 full year to the online program.

Option 1 – PMP and CAPM Online Certificate Program

Our interactive PMP© / CAPM online course can be take anywhere anytime where there is an internet connection.  The online PMP® training employs a result-oriented methodology for learning and studying. Busy professionals can master all the required concepts of the PMBOK® Guide for the PMP® exam in the shortest timeframe without disruption to their daily life. This is a full course package for those looking for a very thorough PMP® preparation course with the required contact hours certificate for the PMP® application. For this course, there are several practice exams provided and participants have access for 12 months.

The online program consists of the following:

  • A summary review of all the important concepts delivered during the lessons in addition to a glossary of the terms used specifically focusing on the 10 knowledge areas, five process groups and 47 processes.
  • Tailored study notes for students to know which are the most important concepts for the chapter. These important concepts are most likely to appear on the real PMP® exam.
  • Introduction to PMI®, PMP®, CAPM® and the certification exams
  • Tips on PMP®/CAPM® exam and application
  • Over 900 practice questions are included in the following online tools:
    • Pre-test: Evaluate initial knowledge to identify areas of strength and weakness and focus studies.
    • Video Tutorials: Gain a greater understanding of key topics.
    • Chapter Quizzes: Test comprehension, retention, and ability to apply concepts.
    • Process Group Quizzes: Practice questions organized by PMP® Exam performance domains (Process Groups).
    • Flashcards: Review important key terms and definitions.
    • Post-test: Gauge knowledge gained and areas that require further study.  Complete the post-test with a score of 80% or higher to earn a certificate of completion.
    • Practice Exam: Build confidence with a computer-based practice exam.
    • Progress Reports: Track your activities and scores.
    • Resource Center: Access helpful test-taking tips, PMP® Exam resources, feedback links, and more.

Option 2 – Essentials of Project Management Certificate Program

The essentials of project management certificate program is a practical “how to” course serving professionals who are interested in entering the project management field, are part of a project team, or will be overseeing a project.  With access for 12 months, our online program provides a learning path that includes unique tools to help students apply the concepts learned and to test their understanding and retention of the topics.

  • Case Studies: Throughout the course, students engage with case study projects that include the basic life cycles (predictive, iterative/incremental, agile).
  • Worksheets & Templates: As students move through the course, they will complete activities to help them apply concepts. Students can use templates on future work projects.
  • Quizzes: Module quizzes will be assigned to help students measure their understanding of the content.
  • Other Resources: Links to additional project management resources are provided within the product for quick and convenient access.

Option 3 – Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online Certificate Program

The Six Sigma yellow belt course is tailored to help anyone interested to know what Six Sigma is; learn key concepts in Six Sigma; and to get a basic understanding of how Six Sigma framework works in delivering successful projects.

Option 4 – Six Sigma Green Belt Online Certificate Program

The course is highly recommended for employees and organizations requiring a standardized approach to problem solving for the purpose of continuous improvement in Quality M anagement.

Option 5 – Six Sigma Black Belt Online Certificate Program

This certification is highly recommended for employees and professionals who want to develop a comprehensive understanding of practical implementation of Six Sigma methodologies with the help of various tools and techniques for the purpose of continuous improvement in processes to achieve fewer than 3.4 defects in a million opportunities.

Option 6 – Six Sigma Lean Black Belt Online Certificate Program

This certification is highly recommended for employees and professionals who need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the practical implementation of Lean Six Sigma with the help of various tools and techniques for the purpose of continuous improvement in processes and products.

Option 7 – Scrum Developer Certified (SDC) Online Certificate Program

The objective of this certification is to ensure that students understand the basics that Scrum Team members need to know in order to effectively contribute to a Scrum project.  Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to apply Scrum effectively as Scrum team members in Scrum/Agile projects.

Option 8 – Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Online Certificate Program

The objective of this certification is to confirm that the applicants have achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply Scrum in projects and how to tailor Scrum to a particular scenario.

Option 9 – Scrum Product Owner  Certified (SPOC) Online Certificate Program

The Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC) certification is designed to confirm the applicant’s practical knowledge of Scrum that equips them to understand business aspects and interact with multiple stakeholders in a Scrum environment.

Option 10 – Scrumstudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC) Online Certificate Program

The objective of this certification is to ensure that applicants have the ability to compare and choose the appropriate methodology in a given situation.

Option 11 – MyITstudy: ITIL Foundation Online Certificate Program

The ITIL certification is designed for employees and professionals who want to master the principles of the  IT Infrastructure Library®, a practical approach to identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to businesses.

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