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Essentials of Project Management


The Essentials of Project Management program is offered to  individuals interested in project management,   This  program consist of 24 hours instructor-led  instruction and 15 hours of  additional online coursework offering  participants the ability  to apply project management concepts in a hands-on manner.

Using the Essentials of Project Management program enables students to learn foundational project management knowledge while putting key concepts and skills into practice through case study application.

The primary focus of this program is to teach practical project management skills that utilize the best practices and process framework found within the PMBOK® Guide. The materials in this program target the “how” of project management while tying into basic “why” concepts. This means that the materials are aligned with the PMBOK® Guide.

Who Should Attend

  • Self-taught project managers seeking formal training and new skills
  • People with limited experience in spearheading projects
  • Technical and support staff seeking essential practical knowledge of how to manage projects
  • Anyone about to step into a project management role for the first time
  • Anyone who wants to master the critical skills of project management, as a way to improve project success and/or to advance their career.
  • Anyone need a foundational knowledge of project management concepts as a precursor for a project management certificate program

This course is perfect for students who desire professional development in project management and want to springboard their studies into the field.  Participants will not only delve into the solid principles of project management, but they will put these principles into practice. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the University of La Verne.

Note: this course focuses on the essential skills needed to manage a project successfully from beginning to end. However, this is not a course to prepare individuals to take and pass the PMP exam. Students looking to prepare to take the PMP exam should enroll in our 4-day Project Management Professional Certificate course.

Program Outline

Project Management: The Discipline and the Profession

  • Section A: What are Projects
  • Section B: Building Successful Projects
  • End of Module Assignments

Planning and Balancing Project Work

  • Section A: Planning the Project
  • Section B: Balancing the Scope with Schedule and Budget

Executing, Controlling, and Closing the Project

  • Section A: Executing the Work
  • Section B: Monitoring and Controlling
  • Section C: Closing and Lessons Learned

Strategic Values of Projects

  • Section A: Moving Beyond a Single Project
  • Section B: Communicating Value
  • Section C: The Future of Project Management