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Strategic Planning Certificate Program

The Strategic Planning certificate program is conducted over two consecutive days. It is comprehensive, intensive, and designed to equip participants with the skills necessary for anticipating a future in the management of organizational processes; formulating realistic and attainable goals; and marshaling and allocating resources to achieve those goals. The program is administered with the premise that a strategic plan, when effectively developed and implemented, results in goal attainment and organizational competitiveness. The program takes an in-depth look at the strategic planning process, emphasizing several key elements including Operational Definition of Concepts – Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives; Long-Term Strategies and Short-Term Tactics; Environmental Scanning – Assessment of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT); Strategic Initiatives and Operational Mandates; Organizational Readiness; Process Drivers and the Dynamic Environment; Sustained Plan Implementation; and Operational Vision for the Future.

Strategic Planning is a structured approach to determining the actions necessary for the sustained operational efficiency of an organization. It is an effective way of aligning an organization’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives with its performance in the highly competitive global marketplace. Learn how to apply key leadership principles in planning and executing the processes necessary for positioning your organization as a global market leader.

The learning tools of Strategic Planning enhance the skills of participants as worthy representatives of their organizations in the production and distribution of goods and services. The program supports the notion that the actions of successful organizations are rooted in effective planning and implementation, characterized by organization-wide commitment to performance excellence.

Each participant receives all course materials as well as a certificate of completion for the Strategic Planning course from the University of La Verne.