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Board-Certified Telehealth Professional

The University of La Verne, in partnership with Telebehavioral Health Institute, Inc. (TBHI), is offering a Board-Certified Telehealth Professional Level II (BCTP-II) Credential that consists of approximately 60 hours of online course work and 32 hours of live-instructor led sessions held one night per week for 4 hours.

The Board-Certified Telehealth Professional Level II (BCTP-II) Credential  program is dedicated to assisting telehealth providers by promoting, opening dialogue, advocating and supporting telehealth adoption across the industry.

Program Objectives

If you need to develop a telepractice and/or run a day-to-day operation and need help thinking through the issues and their relevance to your setting, this program is perfect for you!  In fact, it will help you develop the many competencies required for telepractice by helping you to:

  • Explain fundamental terms, concepts and their definitions
  • Choose your technology and its specialized features for video conferencing, email, text messaging and other technologies
  • Practice legally and ethically over state lines and international borders
  • Educate your client/patient about how to be safe when working with you online
  • Understand HIPAA, your state laws and those of other states you wish to serve
  • Help you establish appropriate screening protocols for carefully selecting appropriate clients/patients
  • Give you an understanding of how to develop appropriate clinical protocols to adapt to specialized treatment
  • Organize your documentation in ways that are manageable and in compliance with state and federal law as well as other oversight groups (e.g., Joint Commission, URAC, CARF)
  • Develop and implement your emergency plans, build them into your informed consent processes and have clinically appropriate relationships to confidently handle emergencies and crises
  • Set up your virtual office and desktop to follow current telepractice guidelines
  • Get paid for your services, including Medicare and Medicaid as well as 3rd party carrier reimbursement.
  • Develop your own templates for informed consent, intake, progress, termination, risk management notes to have reviewed by your attorney
  • How to interview and select an appropriate attorney for your telepractice
  • Guide you to finding and contracting with a malpractice carrier to manage risk

After completing this program, you will be well on your way to feeling both competent and confident about handling a wide variety of situations.  You will also earn a Board Certified Telehealth Professional (BCTP-II) Credential upon taking and passing all 21 required online tests and earning a grade of 80% or higher on each one.  Once credentialed, your name and credential will be listed and made available through a trademarked search engine, and you will be eligible to have your name and profile added to TBHI’s Professional Directory at no additional cost for 1 year.

Program Participants

This program is designed for the following individuals:

  1. those that currently work in a hospital, clinic or agency setting that is already telehealth-organized to legally and ethically deliver telebehavioral /telemental health, or
  2. those that need to develop a telepractice and need help thinking through the issues and their relevance to your setting. You will learn about the many policy challenges and decisions that are involved in the set up as well as the day-to-day practice of legal and ethical telehealth.

Specifically, this program is designed for beginning and intermediate-level professionals who are delivering and/or plan to deliver telebehavioral health services. Participants may fall into one or more of the following categories:

    • Addictions Specialists / Telehealth
    • Counseling / Distance Counseling
    • Nurse Practice / Telemedicine
    • Nursing / Tele-Nursing
    • Occupational Therapy / Tele-Occupational Therapy
    • Physicians / Telemedicine
    • Physician’s Assistants / Telemedicine
    • Psychiatry / Telepsychiatry
    • Psychology / Telepsychology
    • Social Work / Telehealth
    • Speech and Language Therapy / Tele-Speech and Language Therapy
    • Therapy / Online Therapy
    • Other Tele-Therapies, including but not limited to these groups of practitioners:
      • Internists, Pediatricians, Osteopaths, Gerontologists, Physical Therapists, Dietitians, Behavior Analysts, CEOs, COOs, Administrators, Billing & Coding Staff

Program Elements

  • 32 hours of live, instructor led training over a period of 8 weeks with an expert in the field of Telehealth
  • Access to TBHI’s online program “All Access Pass” for 1 year from the date of your registration and it’s available 24/7/365 with any mobile, laptop or desktop device.
  • Earn and receive digital copies of CME/CE Certificates upon successful completion of each course (21 courses in total) along with a digital badge for each of them.  The entire online program takes approximately 60 hours to complete.    You can earn up to 60-CME or CE Hours as recognized and approved by AMA, AOA, APA, ASWB, NBCC, NYSW & NAADAC upon successful completion of each course. Once completed and you have taken and passed all 21 courses with a minimum score of 80% on each one, you will officially earn a Board Certified Telehealth Professional (BCTP-II) Credential from TBHI.  Participants will receive an official digital certificate and digital badge at the end indicating they have successfully completed all 21 courses and earned a Board-Certified Telehealth Professional Level II (BCTP-II) Credential.

Program Outline

1. Introduction to Theory & Practice
2. Rules, Regulations, Risk Management
3. Best Practices & Informed Consent
4. Telepractice Documentation
5. Basic Telehealth Clinical Issues
6. Advanced Telehealth Clinical Issues/Telehealth Clinical Best Practices for COVID-19)
7. Telephone & Videoconferencing
8. Setting Up Your Video-Based Office
9. How to Legally Practice Over State Lines
10. Client/Patient Education
11. Reimbursement Strategies
12. Top 10 Reasons to Start Your Telepractice
13. 7 Legal & Ethical Tips
14. Cybersecurity
15. Social Media
16. Online Marketing Strategies
17. Telehealth Practice from Home
18. Texting Do’s and Don’ts`
19. Text Therapy
20. Choosing Online Employers [Why Online Employers Can be Problematic]
21. Telesupervision

Program Requirements to Earn Credential

To obtain a Board Certified Telehealth Professional (BCTP-II) Credential, you must complete the entire online program and take all 21 post-tests at the end of each course and earn a grade of 80% or higher on each one.  Post-tests can be taken as many times as needed within a 1-year period.  This credential is valid for 3 years.  After 3 years, there is an annual renewal fee of $40 per year paid to TBHI directly.  Annual renewal requires an additional 3 hours of training from TBHI.

Program Time Requirements

Total program includes 32 hours of live, instructor led training over a period of 8 weeks plus online course work totaling approximately 60 hours.  Completing the online training will require approximately the same number of CME or CE hours offered with each course. A 6-hour course then will take about 6 hours to complete, depending on how quickly you read. A one-hour course typically involves approximately 10,000 words, minus the words involved with presenting audio and video segments. The course evaluation and post-test will require that you come back into the website to respond to a series of questions. Each post-test at the end of each course (21 of them) need to be passed with a grade of 80% or better to obtain the course completion certificate.  You will receive one at the end of each course.

Program Fee


Includes online access to TBHI’s “All Access Pass” for 1 year, 32 hours of live instructor led training, digital certificate and digital badge after completion of each of the 21 online courses (must earn a minimum of 80% on each one).  Finally, participants will receive an official digital certificate and digital badge at the end indicating they have successfully completed all 21 courses and earned a Board-Certified Telehealth Professional Level II (BCTP-II) Credential.