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Emergency Catastrophic Leave Donation During University COVID-19 Response

The University of La Verne’s Emergency Catastrophic Donation Leave will provide employees an opportunity to support their peers who are facing leave related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

This program permits employees to donate accumulated leave to the Emergency Catastrophic Leave Bank in increments of not less than eight (8) hours for this program. Donated leave may include paid sick leave, vacation, personal holidays or sabbatical leave. (However, no employee will be allowed to donate leave to this leave bank if such donation will reduce that employee’s total accrued leave balances to less than eighty (80) hours).

Whether a potential illness affects an employee directly or an employee’s family member; or employees are impacted by school, camp or facility closures; and/or the unexpected absence of a care provider for children and /or elderly adult dependents, the consequences are usually severe and underscored by the financial havoc they may create.  The emergency catastrophic leave donations will be used to support our employees who exhaust their paid leave for their own illness or care for a family member; or who may be out of work during the current pandemic. Employees must apply and be approved to receive catastrophic leave.

If you would like to take the opportunity to assist colleagues who have exhausted their paid leave by voluntarily donating your accrued sick leave, vacation, personal holiday, and/or sabbatical leave, please take a moment to review your available accumulated leave balances and then send the information required from the form below to Human Resources at

Banner Self Service: La Verne portal > Quick Links > MyLaVerne >>> takes you into Self Service > Click on Employee tab > Leave Balances

ADP: La Verne portal > Staff or Faculty Resources > ADP >>> takes you into ADP (pay info) > Download Pay Statement to view accrual balances

Thank you for your participation. Please email the required information below to


Emergency Catastrophic Leave Donation



I, _____________________________________________________ _____________ (Print Name)


voluntarily donate the following hours from my accumulated leave balances:


Paid Sick _______ Hours                             Vacation _______ Hours


Personal Holidays _______ Hours              AP Sabbatical _______Hours



__________________________________                           _______________

Signature                                                                               Date