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Finals Options & Recommendation

Dear Faculty:

Thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of our students.  The transition to online and remote learning has been extremely taxing for all faculty, and I appreciate your continued efforts as we close out the academic year.

Students have also expressed concerns about remote learning during the pandemic. These are compounded by financial concerns, fears for family and loved ones, difficulties in studying given in home environment, and lack of an in-person community and support system.

One matter that many students are concerned about is finals in an online environment. In fact, the Associate Students of the University of La Verne (ASULV) has asked that finals be suspended (attached is their petition)

The Academic Affairs Coronavirus Committee, which includes the chairs of UGAP and Grad Council, has developed a recommendation for faculty that is endorsed by Faculty Senate, Deans Council, and Provost Office. It is on the Coronavirus Faculty Resource website. While each faculty will use their best judgement with regard to finals, faculty are encouraged—not required—to discuss deviations from their original syllabus with their chair and consider:

  •  Opting to cancel final exams and use the course work as the basis of final grades
  •  Using a simple project or open book test relate to the overall course goals.
  •  Allowing students to create groups to complete a final task/project as a team.
  •  Using open book multiple choice quizzes on key course learning goals
  •  Giving short answer questions which can be completed over the next few weeks.

As a reminder, if you do choose to have a final or hold a session during finals week, it must take place during the period assigned to your class on the official final schedule. To lookup your final’s scheduled time, please enter your CNR or Course Dept & Number on this link.

Thank you again for your efforts on behalf of our students and mission.



Jonathan Reed