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Summer term and new scholarships

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April 21, 2020


Dear University Community,

To help students remain on track with their education through the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of La Verne is proud to announce that it will award additional scholarships to all students who enroll in classes for the summer term.

We will also teach all summer classes online to ensure a safe and healthy learning and working environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

Undergraduate students who enroll for summer classes at any University of La Verne campus will receive scholarships that reduce their tuition to $500 per unit. Students who receive Pell grants may also qualify for additional need-based financial aid.

Graduate students who enroll in summer classes at any University of La Verne campus will receive a $100-per-unit scholarship.

The additional scholarships apply to both new and continuing students, but cannot be combined with partnership awards or other institutional discounts.

The University of La Verne acted decisively at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to move all spring classes online, so we are well-positioned to continue to provide a high-quality education to students online over the summer.

The decision to commit now to online instruction for the summer and to award additional scholarships allows students and faculty ample time to plan and prepare. It also ensures that students can continue to make progress toward their degrees, regardless of their location.

Registration for summer opens today for undergraduate students on the La Verne campus, with dates following for other programs and campuses. Summer classes begin the second week of June.

Again, thank you for your resilience and flexibility during these unprecedented times.






Devorah Lieberman, PhD