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COVID-19 Update – January Remote Learning and Work

Dear University Community,

After careful consideration, the University of La Verne will take steps to reduce the number of people on our campuses in January by moving most of our teaching, learning, and work to remote for the majority of the month.

We are taking these precautions for several important reasons. They include: the increased numbers of COVID-19 cases being reported regionally and nationally; the growing presence of the Omicron variant in the United States; the spike in positive cases in California last January; the desire to minimize disruption to the January Interterm; and in the general interest of the health and safety of our university community.

We ask all faculty, staff, and students to begin planning now around the following guidelines for the month of January.

  • Deans will lead planning within their colleges to identify classes that can be held remotely in January. This will primarily affect the traditional undergraduate January Interterm and the beginning of the College of Law semester. College leaders will communicate directly with students about the status of January Interterm and law classes and programs. Some classes, specifically labs or others with hands-on components, may remain in person if pedagogically advantageous.
  • Residence Halls and The Spot dining hall will remain open.
  • On campus events will be kept to a minimum.
  • Faculty and staff should work remotely as much as is practical during this time. Physical campuses and student-facing departments will remain open and continue to provide in-person services. University Management Council members will coordinate with their respective President’s Executive Cabinet representative to develop staffing plans for each department to balance the above objectives. Staff members should consult with their supervisor to determine their individual work plan.

We anticipate a return to more robust in-person classes and activities for the start of the spring semester and session 1, which occurs for most campuses and programs on January 31. We will share additional information as it becomes available.

In the meantime, please continue to follow the guidelines outlined in the La Verne Safe Return Plan. Those include wearing a mask while indoors, getting vaccinated against COVID-19 (including a booster), staying home if you are sick, and reporting positive cases or exposure.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and for doing your part to help keep our community healthy and safe. Have a restful, rejuvenating, and joyous winter break. I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming months.


Devorah Lieberman, PhD