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University of La Verne COVID-19 Dashboard

The University of La Verne’s COVID-19 reporting dashboard provides timely and accurate information about the health of our on-campus community. We expect all members of the university community to follow health and safety protocols to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Those include staying home when sick, physical distancing, wearing masks, and routine hand washing. These and other requirements are detailed in the La Verne Safe Return plan.

Comprehensive COVID-19 data for Los Angeles County is available through the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Reported COVID-19 Cases

The numbers below reflect positive COVID-19 cases for individuals who have been on a University of La Verne campus or physically participated in a university program during their infectious period.

Location Past Week (June 12-18) This Term (Since June 5)
La Verne Campus 0 6
Regional Campuses* 0 1
Total 0 7

*Includes only cases related to University of La Verne students, faculty, and staff at regional campus locations.

Reporting a Positive Case or Exposure

University community members who believe they have come in contact with someone infected by the novel coronavirus or have contracted the coronavirus are asked to fill out a Novel Coronavirus Information Form.