COVID-19 Events and Travel Guidelines

The university is following normal event scheduling/reservation processes for most events. Individuals who want to reserve space for an event may contact

Event Capacity: Indoor and outdoor events will function at normal capacity levels.

Event planning guidance

  • To the extent possible, events should take place outdoors.
  • Organizers should plan to record attendance.
  • Organizers should plan to make hand sanitizers readily available at events.
  • Organizers should inform guests/participants, through signage and information sent prior to the event, of behavior expectations
  • Participants will need to wear face masks in alignment with the university guidelines on facemasks
  • If guests/participants are ill or displaying symptoms, they should stay home and contact a health care professional.

Events and Scheduling Office Support

The Events and Scheduling Office will support safe events by:

  • Providing set up of tables, chairs, and other equipment.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting event equipment before and after every event.
  • Informing organizers of locations of washing stations (i.e. bathrooms) or assisting in providing hand sanitizer stations where appropriate.
  • Providing additional signage in support of COVID-19 safety and etiquette.
  • As feasible, providing and assisting with equipment for virtual delivery of event.

Food: Prepackaged or pre-prepared food is recommended.

University Travel

 There are currently no restrictions on travel. Anyone traveling on university business must follow all state and CDC travel guidelines.

For those traveling internationally, please contact the Office of Risk Management at 909-448-4516 and request an International SOS WELCOME brochure and travel accident membership card which contains important phone numbers and our membership number in the event of a medical or travel emergency while traveling abroad.