COVID-19 Residence Hall Guidelines

Students living on-campus are subject to the vaccination requirements as outlined in the Vaccination Policy. Student living-on campus will have exemptions from the vaccination policy limited to medical, ADA, or religious reasons. Students wishing to live on campus with an approved personal exemption can send an appeal to

Students granted an exemption to the vaccine requirement for on-campus housing may be required to engage in additional safety precaution including participation in surveillance testing, wearing of face covering when indoors, and other precautions as necessary.

Preventative Guidance: In accordance with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the following guidance is provided to on-campus residents.

  • Mini-fridges and personal use coffee makers are permitted in resident rooms, but should not be shared with others. Appliances with outside heating elements, toasters, and toaster ovens are not permitted in resident rooms.
  • Students will be encouraged to use totes in shared bathroom facilities and encouraged not to place personal items directly on counter surfaces in bathrooms.
  • Residents will be permitted to have limited guests.

Illness, Prevention, and Symptom Check Guidance

  • Students living on campus who are experiencing one or more of the other CDC articulated COVID-19 symptoms, or are otherwise ill, may not attend class or activities on campus, the dining hall, or public areas, and must submit a Coronavirus Report, immediately notify the Student Health Center, and should stay in their room.
  • In alignment with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and university Self-Screening, Testing, Tracking, and Isolation policy, students may be temporarily relocated to a self-isolation locations or asked to isolate or quarantine in place for as long as identified.
  • All students in residence halls are strongly encouraged to wear masks in any setting where others are present, including classrooms, offices, and buildings. 

Environmental Health and Safety

  • Common areas (i.e. bathrooms and lounges) and frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, elevator switches and buttons, grab bars) will be disinfected regularly by Custodial Services. Hand-sanitizer will be placed at entrances of each building and in common areas. Only EPA approved disinfectants will be used.
  • HVAC systems have been modified to enhance filtration and ventilation through a variety of means. To the maximum extent possible, ventilation will be increased in all buildings, and open windows and doors as well as other modifications will increase the quantity of outside air and ventilation in offices and other spaces

Students will be asked to sign a “University of La Verne Residential Life COVID-19 Agreement” outlining expectations associated with living in the residence halls during COVID-19. Any student not complying with any provision of COVID-19 policy or guidance risks the health and safety of the university community and will be subject to corrective or disciplinary action through the Code of Student Conduct.

Additional information is available at For questions, please contact