Staff Resources and Information

Accounts Payable and Purchasing

The university has developed temporary procedures for Accounts Payable, Purchasing, and Accounting to assist faculty and staff who are working remotely. These procedures are available in the La Verne Portal. You will need to be logged into the portal in order to open the link.

Coming to Campus

Only employees who have been designated as essential may come to any campus to perform regular work duties at this time. President’s Executive Cabinet (PEC) members must email to designate an employee as essential. Employees who have not been designated as essential may come to campus for limited and specific purposes with the approval of their University Management Council (UMC) representative.

To be eligible to come to campus for any reason, regardless if they have been designated as essential, faculty and staff must:

  • Have complete the online COVID-19 safety training available here.
  • Prior to each visit, employees must complete a symptom self-screening and record the results in a log. Employees may use the university’s LiveSafe mobile app or the online form to assist in self-screening and logging.
  • Employees who answer “yes” to any question, have an oral or forehead temperature of 99.9˚F or higher, or are experiencing any symptom of COVID-19, as currently described by the CDC, may not come to work. Employees answering “yes” to any question or experiencing a fever or any symptom of COVID-19 must notify their direct supervisor and submit a Coronavirus Report. Employees are also encouraged to contact their personal healthcare provider.
  • When Employees arrives or leaves campus, they must call Campus Safety at 909-448-4950.  Campus Safety will confirm employee has completed the safety training, has completed the symptom self-screening, record time of arrival and departure, record buildings entered, and grant access (as needed).
  • When on campus, for any reason or length of time are required to wear a face covering as outlined in the La Verne Safe Return plan. Employees who do not have a face covering or forget to bring one may acquire one from the Campus Safety office.

When an employee who is not on the “essential list”requests access to come to campus for a limited time or purpose to their UMC representative, they should inform their UMC member of the reason, the date and time.  In evaluating if a visit to campus is needed, UMC and employees should evaluate whether the reason or task a) has to be done soon or can it wait, b) can the reason or task be accomplished remotely, and c) whether the reason or task is essential.  UMC members must email Campus Safety at in advance to authorize campus visits for nonessential employees.


Employees will be asked to complete a COVID-19 safety training as part of the University of La Verne Safe Return Plan.  Employees will be able to access and complete the training through the link available here.


University employees should inform Campus Safety ( and their UMC representative any time a vendor comes to campus.  All vendors coming to campus should be informed that the university is following COVID safety precautions.  As such, vendors will be expected to  a) conduct a symptom and self-assessment prior to campus (they may use the LiveSafe mobile app or the downloadable form to assist in self-screening), b) check-in and check-out at campus safety office upon arrival, c) wear a face-covering while campus, d) if sick they should not come to campus, e) and practice social distancing when on campus.

When checking in at campus safety, vendors should be prepared to provide proof of their symptom assessment as well as their name, cell phone number and email to assist with contact tracing in the event of possible infection.

Vendors who are here everyday should work with their University liaison to discuss appropriate protocols.

P-Card and Reimbursement Policy for Remote Work and La Verne Safe Return Supplies

In accordance with public health guidance, the university has provided telework options to employees who are required to work during this unprecedented situation resulting from COVID-19. As we monitor the financial impacts from COVID-19, the university is assessing how to mitigate these impacts and provide employees with the necessary guidance as we work remotely and prepare for Safe Return. The Covid-19 Pandemic Purchasing Policy is available for download on the Office of Financial and Business Services web page. The guidelines provide information on the appropriate use of P-Cards and other methods of payment and reimbursement connected to work-related expenses due to COVID-19. You must be logged in to the La Verne Portal to access the policy.

Mandatory Face Covering

The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health revised its Safer At Home Order For Control of COVID-19 to require employees at all essential businesses to wear face coverings while performing duties that involve contact with others. To comply with the order and best practices for social distancing, beginning on April 15, the University of La Verne will provide a face covering to all identified “emergency personnel” who are required to come in contact with others on campus.  Identified “emergency personnel” may go to campus safety to pick up a face covering or purchase a face covering and submit for reimbursement (up to $10). Additional information on how ULV is complying social distancing protocols is listed here.  Affected employees should contact their UMC members for additional information.

Best Practices for Emergency Personnel 

 Emergency personnel who visit a campus should practice social distancing best practices and hygiene guidelines:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • To the extent you can, leave doors open to avoid touching doorknobs
  • Avoid elevators/buttons and take the stairs if you can
  • Wipe off your computer before and after use
  • Avoid touching your hands to your face
  • Limit conversations in person and remain six feet apart from others
  • Do not gather in meetings of more than eight people, and when you do, remain six feet apart

Cleaning and Disinfecting Workspace

The university’s custodial cleaning program uses an EPA-registered disinfectant to clean touchpoints, public and common areas, and restrooms.

 Custodial crews have also implemented extra measures to clean and disinfect surfaces in public areas that are touched frequently. This includes surfaces such as door handles, banisters, and elevator buttons.

There are also dispenser stations throughout campus containing hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer can help prevent the spread of the virus, though proper hand-washing technique is deemed to be more effective by the CDC.

Additional information on cleaning guidelines is available here.

It is also recommended that individuals purchase single use disinfectant wipes for human touch points within their work spaces such as keyboards, phones, and frequently touched surface areas. We will continue to monitor recommendations from the CDC for preventing the spread of the virus.

Emergency Catastrophic Leave Donation

The University of La Verne’s Emergency Catastrophic Leave Donation will provide employees an opportunity to support their peers who are facing leave related to the novel coronavirus. This program permits employees to donate accumulated leave to the Emergency Catastrophic Leave Bank in increments of not less than eight hours. Donated leave may include paid sick leave, vacation, personal holidays or sabbatical leave. If you would like to donate your leave, return the required form to the Office of Human Resources. Additional information is available here.

Guidelines and Policies for Working Remotely

In accordance with public health guidance, the university provides telework options to eligible employees who are required to work from home by the university, or who have a significant health condition, as described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and/or are required not to work under a treating physician’s medical orders. To see the complete list of guidelines and polices, login to the HR portal with your university credentials.

Mail Center

The Mail Center will has suspended pick up and deliveries to individual departments due to the current conditions.  The Mail Center will remain open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday until further notice. Mail will be available for pick up after 10 a.m. each day for the mail that is received that day. If you would like to have your mail delivered as usual please email the Mail Center at and inform us your request.

Remote Technology for Telecommuting

  1. Should you need Jabber or VDI, please work with your UMC member to obtain. UMC Members can be found here.
    • Jabber is an application which allows individuals to accept and place video or voice calls and even instant message from a mobile device or desktop, just like you are in the office. As a part of your request for Jabber, we will need to know what device type you wish to setup.  For instructions on how to access your voicemail from outside the office, change outgoing message, and forward calls, click here.
    • The vast majority of the applications you need are within MyPortal. However, for administrative departments (e.g. payroll, finance, HR etc.), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows individuals to access applications from within the La Verne network while working remotely.
    • VDI and Jabber instructions are in the University portal for all to access. One must login to access this information using their network credentials.  The direct link to these materials is located here. For additional information on understanding if you need access to VDI see the attached decision tree document.

Student Workers

Student worker with a job through the Federal Work-Study program, will be required to telework if able to work remotely. If not able to work remotely, they will still be paid according to the schedule they would have worked if they had been working on campus. If you a student worker with a job that is not through the Federal Work-Study program, they may apply to receive leave previously donated by employees to the Catastrophic Leave Bank. Contact the HR Department for guidance and support.

Additional information on Student Employment is available on the HR Intranet at (login required).

Travel Restrictions

All university-sponsored student and employee travel, both international and domestic, scheduled for the rest of the semester/term will be cancelled unless approved by senior leaders. The university encourages any community member considering travel to review information and adhere to guidelines available on the CDC website about travel.