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Honors Curriculum

Study abroad in the amazing Galapagos Islands
Honors CurriculumStudy abroad in the amazing Galapagos Islands

The Honors Program begins, for incoming freshmen, with Honors 111: Solving the Modern World. This course is taught by our best Writing faculty and attempts introduce students to some of the most pressing social, political, and cultural issues both in the United States and around the world.

After completing Honors 111, students take our two-course Global Ideas Sequence (Honors 205 and 210/215). These courses deal with some of the best insights from around the world, from a critical and interdisciplinary perspective, to help build a solid knowledge-base that allows students to think about the human condition.

During the sophomore through senior years, students also take a number of interdisciplinary seminars and complete two Honors Colloquium (Honors 370 and 380). These courses allow students to apply their knowledge in the real world by exposing them to experiential learning techniques. Some examples include trips to museums and other cultural venues as well as volunteer work in community centers and non-profit organizations.

The Honors curriculum is concluded with Honors 499: The World is our Neighborhood. In this culminating capstone course, students will learn to apply the lessons learned throughout their careers to create projects that help enact social change. These group projects may be anything from writing a research-based newspaper article for Campus Times to organizing a cultural event on campus to raise awareness about a specific issue.

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