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Honors Seminars

Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars try to introduce students to innovative perspectives on unique and engaging topics.

All Honors graduates will complete at least three seminars during their curriculum – and many will find these their most stimulating classes as college students. These interdisciplinary classes take a seminar format, emphasizing dynamic group discussion rather than passive lectures, and so place much of the responsibility for learning on the students-as-scholars. Rather than simply accepting the authority of a text or professor, students are encouraged to thoughtfully critique and challenge any notions they’re presented with – while also expecting to have their own viewpoints thoughtfully challenged and critiqued.

Seminars are designed and scheduled in such a way that students can complete many of their General Education area requirements through the Honors curriculum. They are taken primarily during the sophomore and junior years, after students have completed the Freshman Global Ideas sequence.

Some recent and upcoming seminars offered include:

Seeing the Invisible crossroads between abstract art and quantum physics
Power to the People counter-culture movements of the 1960s
La Verne in Higher Education creating documentary oral histories
Animals in Society how societies’ treatment of animals reflects societal values
Disneylandland a critical consideration of Disney films with an added travel component at the actual park
Invisible Theater synthesizing math theory with stage design
Taking Health Into Your Own Hands embedded health within educational institutions
Un-lock Holmes the origins and popularity of Sherlock and writing detective stories
The Devil Made Me Do It the historical progression of the Faust legend
Voices in Action protest movements and learning how/when to organize for social change
The Bauhaus: Innovation in Art & Education the Bauhaus movement
Audio-Visual Love Affairs of the Avant Garde delves into progressive 20th century art movement
Art and Architecture of Los Angeles the vast innovations and eclectic-ness of the LA art scene