COVID-19 Vaccine Information

We are preparing for a safe reopening of our residence halls by Fall 2021, as permitted by state and county public health agencies. Students will be offered single and shared rooms with appropriate health and safety protocols in place. At this time, we anticipate giving housing priority to students who receive a COVID-19 vaccination prior to the move-in date.  Please use this page to navigate our housing application to keep your COVID-19 vaccine information current. 

Returning to Housing Application to add COVID-19 Vaccine Information:

Students who have already completed their 2021-2022 housing application and did not enter COVID-19 vaccine information can return to the application using the following steps:

  • Login to the La Verne Portal and access the housing application as you did when first applying.


  • Once in your 2021-2022 housing application, click on Step 4 directly on the menu bar. Once on Step 4, please answer the questions under the COVID-19 Vaccine section on the page.  Then, click “Save & Continue” at the bottom of the page.


Accommodations/Medical Information Page:

  • Next, if you have your vaccination record to upload, you can continue to Step 5 on the menu bar and follow directions to upload your vaccination card. Once uploaded, click “Save & Continue”, then sign out in the top right corner. If you do not have your card available to upload,  just sign out. DO NOT continue to move forward through the application, as this could affect your application status in our system.

COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Page:



Note: You can come back to Step 4 & 5 of the application at any time to update these pages, but be sure to “Save & Continue” and then LOG OUT once finished.