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Housing Cancellation Request Form

Please read carefully before completing the form. A student's Housing License Agreement is a legally binding contract with the University of La Verne for the full academic year and all conditions are strictly enforced. Please note the following stipulations: (1) submitting the form does NOT guarantee that the request will be approved; (2) moving out or turning in keys does not constitute release from contractual obligations; (3) roommate conflicts, signing rental agreements at off-campus housing locations after signing the University of La Verne Housing License Agreement, noise, or dislike of the food will not be considered as valid reasons for being released from one’s Housing License Agreement; (4) If not properly approved, a student will be held responsible for the full term of the License Agreement; (5) Any request to be released from License Agreement needs to be submitted at least 14 days prior to the intended move out day; (6) Refer to the “terms and conditions” under the License Agreement for additional information on cancellations.
  • Legal name as appear on your student record. No nickname please.
  • Academic year you would like to cancel Agreement
  • Semester/Term to cancel Agreement
  • Contact number to reach you during business hours.
  • Please provide the reason(s) you are requesting to be released from your housing contract. Please include detailed information to ensure prompt review. Note that a letter summarizing reasons for the request is not sufficient documentation.
  • Submit supporting documentation to justify reasons provided above. Example: university withdraw/leave of absence form, etc.