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Off Campus Housing Listing

Last updated: July 18, 2019

Tenants who wish to rent an off-campus room or apartment are strongly encouraged to review the California Tenant’s Rights for helpful information on what to expect, what to look for and how to protect your rights.

The following have contacted us regarding available off-campus options near the university.

  1. 2558 Foothill Blvd, La Verne Posted 7/18/19
  2. Allen Ave, La Verne Posted 7/18/19
  3. Room for Rent, La Verne Posted 7/18/19
  4. Beech St, La Verne Posted 7/16/19
  5. 2nd St, La Verne Posted 7/11/2019
  6. Landeros Ave, La Verne Posted 7/9/19
  7. North Kelley Avenue, Upland Posted 7/9/19
  8. 1133 San Bernardino Avenue, Pomona Posted 7/9/2019
  9. Room for Rent, Glendora Posted 7/8/19
  10. La Verne, Ca Posted 7/3/2019
  11. Penfield St, Pomona Posted 7/1/2019
  12. Rio Rancho Rd & Park Ave, Pomona Posted 7/1/2019
  13. Via Verde, San Dimas Posted 6/28/19
  14. Whitewater Ave. Posted 6/27/19
  15. 6464 Country Club Drive Posted 6/27/19
  16. Bonita Ave, La Verne Posted 6/24/19
  17. Calora St., West Covina Posted 6/18/19
  18. San Bernadino Ave, Pomona Posted 6/17/2019
  19. Cardinal Ln, Upland Posted 6/17/2019
  20. Paseo Manzana, San Dimas Posted 6/14/2019
  21. Cascade Place, Claremont Posted 6/12/2019
  22. 1017 E. Whitcomb Ave, Glendora Posted 6/11/2019
  23. Mountain & 21st, Upland Posted 6/4/2019
  24. Hampshire Ct, San Dimas Posted 5/31/2019
  25. 3806 Bixby Dr, La Verne Posted 5/29/2019
  26. Queensbery Ave, La Verne Posted 5/28/2019
  27. Beech St & Dawn, La Verne Posted 5/20/2019
  28. 1319 Brewster Dr. Pomona Posted 5/20/2019
  29. 310 S. College Avenue, Claremont Posted 5/16/2019
  30. Murchison Ave, La Verne Posted 5/16/2019
  31. Baseline & Wheeler Ave, La Verne Posted 5/16/2019
  32. Benton Ave, La Verne Posted on 4/30/2019
  33. 1873 Lemon House Ct., Upland Posted on 4/29/2019
  34. 2012 Evergreen St., La Verne Posted on 4/22/2019
  35. Foothill Blvd & White Ave, La Verne Posted on 4/15/2019
  36. 1712 Gold Dust St., Glendora Posted on 4/8/2019
  37. Claremont Villages, Claremont Posted on 3/28/2019
  38. Live Oak Canyon Rd, La Verne Posted on 3/21/2019
  39. San Dimas Canyon Rd, San Dimas Posted on 3/8/2019
  40. Foxtail Way, Pomona Posted on 3/8/2019
  41. 441 E Baseline Rd, San Dimas Posted on 2/26/2019
  42. Baseline Rd, San Dimas Posted on 2/26/2019
  43. Bonita & Towne Ave, Pomona Posted on 2/21/2019
  44. Beech St & Dawn, La Verne Posted on 2/19/2019
  45. 1952 Valentine Circle, La Verne Posted on 2/15/2019
  46. Esperanza Dr. La Verne Posted on 1/28/2019
  47. Euclid Ave, Ontario Posted on 1/28/2019
  48. Tierra Rose, Walnut off Brea Canyon Posted on 1/24/2019
  49. 960 E Bonita Ave, Pomona Posted on 1/18/2019
  50. Florence, Upland Posted on 01/16/2019
  51. 671 Valley View Ct, Upland Posted on 01/10/2019
  52. Chelsea Place, La Verne Posted on 01/03/2019
  53. Whitcomb Ave, Glendora Posted on 01/02/2019
  54. Evergreen St, La Verne Posted on 01/02/2019
  55. 2711 Monticello Rd, Claremont Posted on 12/3/2018


Additional links to assist in finding rooms and/or apartments around or near the University of La Verne:

  • Off-Campus Housing 101 is a service specializing in working with Colleges and Universities to identify rooms and apartments for rent.
  • is free resource to help students find housing.  They offer an apartment-matching engine and each city is broken down into neighborhoods, highlighting pricing, noise level, nearby attractions, restaurants, shopping, etc.
  • If you are an international student, The United Cultural Exchange USA is a homestay provider placing students in homestay near the University campus. Homestay families provide a comfortable, caring atmosphere for both graduate and undergraduate students. The placement fee for a homestay is $300.00. The monthly fee for a homestay is $775.00. (This fee includes two meals per day during the week and three meals on the weekends.) Credit Cards are welcome, but there is an additional $45.00 fee for their use.  If you would like to inquire about homestay and/or request for an application, please contact Erik at or Shana at For general information, United Cultural Exchange, U.S.A. can be reached via email at

Please read disclaimer here.

Property owners: Instructions on how to add your listing available here.

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