Resident Information

Student Leadership Provides information about the Residence Hall Association, as well as Diversity, Academic, and Social Initiatives.
Residence Hall Services Includes information on various services provided by Housing including but not limited to: The HRL Office, lock out procedures, mailbox services, parking, and housekeeping.
Housing Administrative Processes Provides information regarding lost keys, room changes, release from housing license agreement, refund policy, and the move out process.
Policies Covers all Student Housing and Residential Education policies.
Checking In Includes information including Room Condition Inventory (RCI) Forms, Resident Handbooks, Roommate Agreement Forms, Community Meetings, and keys.
Roommates Shares the rewards of having a roommate, expected attitudes of roommates, and how to handle conflict.
Furniture and Care of Public Areas and Rooms Information including but not limited to: decorating your room, damages to personal and public property, and Health and Safety Inspections.
Technology- BitTorrent Programs Information regarding BitTorrent programs that can cause disconnection from housing or university WiFi networks.
Dining Services Provides hours of operation, contact information, Meal Plans, the To-Go Policy, and information on how to accommodate special diets.
Personal Health, Wellness, and Safety Covers procedures that need to be done in case of an emergency as well as information regarding the Student Health Center.
Services on Campus Provides contact information for Campus Ministry, Career Services, the Academic Success Center, Student Life, as well as the Student Counseling Center.