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Checking In

Checking into the Residence Halls

Room Condition Inventory (RCI) Form

Residents will receive an RCI form upon check-in. When our residents check into their rooms, they will be asked to note all of the furniture and any distinguishable marks and/or damages in the room. If something is not properly marked, it is important that the resident(s) note it on the RCI and return the RCI to the Housing office. When the residents check-out at the end of the year, the condition of their room will be compared to their check-in RCI form. Any damages not noted on the check-in RCI form will be noted on the check-out RCI form. Residents will be charged for any damages in their room.

Resident Handbook

Upon moving in, each student will receive a copy of the Resident Student Handbook. The handbook contains important information about the Housing & Residential Life Program including processes to follow and policies. Please note that each student is responsible for knowing the information available in this handbook.

Roommate Agreement Form

Within the first week of living together, it is mandatory for each set of roommates to complete a “Roommate Agreement Form” together. This form is available through each floor/wing’s RA, who will collect a copy of the completed form and put it on-file as proof of completion. Each RA will schedule a meeting time with each set of roommates to review their agreement forms. This form may be referred back to at any time throughout the academic year as needed.

First Community Meeting

Within the first week of school, each RA will announce the day and time for a wing/building/floor meeting. It is extremely important for each resident to attend, as this is when the RA will go over information every resident needs to know (such as policies, regulations, announcements, etc.).


Residents are issued two keys upon move in, a security key to the exterior door and a room key. These keys equal security for every resident in the community. Each resident should carry their keys with them at all times and always keep their doors locked. DO NOT give any of the housing keys to another individual even if that individual is a La Verne Housing resident.