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Furniture Care

Furniture and Care of Public Areas and Room

Decorating your Room

While residents are encouraged to personalize their rooms to their preference, the general expectation is that residents will take care of their living environment. To that end, the following guidelines should be followed:

  1. Students are encouraged to use small tacks or small finishing nails. Students are discouraged from using staples or any other fasteners to hang pictures or posters on walls or doors as they may result in excessive or large holes on the walls.
  2. While students may use tape or other adhesives, students should be mindful of using adhesives that will not cause damage or tear paint. Postings using glue and duct tape are not allowed.
  3. Postings on windows are not allowed.
  4. Posting of personal materials in public areas (i.e. bathrooms, hallways, etc.) is discouraged.
  5. Any decorations and or postings that are deemed to be offensive, lewd or constitute a violation of Housing and/or University policy and are visible from outside a resident’s room are not permitted.
  6. Students should exercise care when moving furniture and belongings in and around a room so as not to damage walls or carpeting.
  7. Decorations that are deemed to be a fire or safety hazard are not allowed.
  8. Decorations should adhere to all University and Housing policies.
  9. Any damages as a result of decorations will be charged to the student’s account.

Damages to Resident Rooms

Residents are responsible for the condition of their rooms. Upon checking in, all residents are given a “Room Condition Inventory” (RCI) form. This RCI is to account for any damages a room may have prior to a resident moving in. A “Room Condition Inventory” will be done upon a resident’s moving-out. Any new damages will be the responsibility of the resident and will result in charges being posted to the student’s account.

Note: If damage occurs or furniture is missing from a room or floor and a resident does not take responsibility, all residents of that room or floor will share the cost of the damages. Please refer to License Agreement.

Damages to Personal Property

The University is not responsible for damages or theft of student’s personal items. Residents are encouraged to obtain renter’s insurance and to insure personal items while residing on campus.

Furniture in Public Areas

Furniture in public areas (lounge, study rooms) may not be taken into students’ rooms or outside of the building. This includes anything intended for public use, such as plants, chairs, couches, tables, pictures, etc. If public area furniture is discovered in a student’s room or outside, disciplinary action will be taken with the student and/or roommates of that room. This may include charges being placed on the student’s account.

Group Damage Policy

All residents are responsible for care of public areas including, but not limited to the lounges, lobby, stairs, recreational areas, recreational equipment, laundry, doors, walkways, fire extinguishers, restrooms, exit signs, and lights. Should there be any damage to a public area, the community will be given 72 hours to allow for the person(s) responsible to be identified and held accountable. If the person(s) is not identified, the cost of the damage will be charged to all residents in the community(ies) affected.

Health and Safety Inspections

In order to ensure that a safe and healthy environment is maintained in the residence halls, Health and Safety Inspections of each room will be done during the Fall and Spring semesters as well as the Winter Break term. Health and Safety Inspections will consist of personnel from the Housing Office and Facilities Management inspecting rooms for fire hazards and safety and health concerns. Residents will be notified prior to Health and Safety Inspections being conducted.

Lofting/Bunking/Furniture Rearrangement

Residents who wish to have a bed lofted, bunked or furniture rearranged, must fill out a Maintenance Request Form on-line available on the Housing website. Residents may not attempt to loft, bunk or lower a bed or construct or do any type of repair on any furniture or La Verne property. No raised beds (cinder blocks, PVC pipe, leg extensions, etc.) are allowed. Failure to observe this policy may result in an unnecessary injury and/or render the resident liable for any and all damages.