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On-Campus vs. Off-Campus

We invite you to explore what its like to live on-campus, where you can make the most of your La Verne education and overall campus experience.

We believe that living on-campus offers college students the best possible environment to maximize their collegiate experience and to grow personally, socially, and academically.

We understand that deciding where to live while your in college can be a very difficult decision. Hopefully the following graphics and examples should give you an insight on everything on-campus and off-campus living have to offer, and why you should live on-campus.





That being said, sometimes individuals will compare possible costs for living off-campus and come to the conclusion that it is cheaper. What is often forgotten are many of the hidden costs associated with living off-campus as well as the flexibility and personal care on-campus living can provide. Below are some simple comparisons of some of those costs and all of the other amenities that come with living on or off campus.

While a student living off-campus can often find creative ways to minimize cost, the quality of life starts to go down (and often so do grades). In addition to the financial advantages, students living on-campus also benefit from intangibles (i.e. free utilities, study rooms, academic support, etc.) that can really make a difference. When calculated over a 9 month period, the savings associated with living on-campus are even more dramatic.





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