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Residence Hall Services

Housing Office

The Housing Office is located within the Oaks Residence Hall in “B-Bottom.” The Office functions as a central hub for most residential services and is home to the Housing & Residential Life staff offices. The Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM. For more information or to contact the Office, please call (909) 448-4052 or email

Vista Administrative Office

The Vista Administrative Office serves as an annex office for the Main Housing Office and primarily serves the residents of Vista. The office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM.

Cable TV

Flat screen TVs with cable service are available in the lounge area for students to access cable television programs. This includes the common area of each suite in Vista La Verne. There is no cable access within the individual rooms.

Internet Service

Students in the residence halls can access the Internet through the housing wireless network. Please note that the residence halls do not have access to hard wired stations. In order to connect to the wireless there are a few steps that must be taken. Our wireless network is hidden so that only students may have access and not the rest of the community. For instructions on how to set up the wireless connection, visit this page. For more information on how to connect to the wireless network and/or wireless network policies, please contact the Unified Service Desk at ext. 4130.


The University provides housekeeping services in all public areas including bathrooms, lobbies, and lounges Monday through Friday. Residents are responsible for keeping their own room clean.

Residents  of Vista should note that their bathrooms and living rooms are not considered public areas. Consequently, they are responsible for keeping those areas clean.

It is student’s responsibility to maintain a clean environment. While housekeeping will provide basic services, students are asked to clean-up after themselves and limit excessive trash/messiness in all public areas. Residences, floors, or wings found to have excessive trash or messiness may be charged for extra cleaning services.


Kitchenette facilities are available for use in all halls. The kitchenettes are a shared space and include a microwave, sink, and community refrigerator. While students are not allowed to keep any food preparation equipment (toasters, coffee makers, etc.) in their rooms, they may store these items in the kitchenette areas. Please note that toaster ovens and cooking equipment with open elements are not allowed in student rooms. Vista residents will be able to find shared microwaves in the laundry rooms.

Housekeeping will mop and wipe down kitchen counter tops twice a week. Students are responsible for washing their own dishes.

Laundry Facilities

All of the residence halls are equipped with “Smart” washing machines and dryers. “Smart” machines means that residents will be able to use their debit cards or credit cards to do their laundry. “Cash” laundry options are not available. A wash load costs $1.25 and a dryer load costs $0.75 cents.

Lockout Procedures

Residents locked out between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM may call the Housing Office at (909) 448-4052. Residents locked out between 5:00PM and 8:00AM can call the RA on Duty. All students will be required to show ID or be able to prove their identity in some other way before being let into a room.

Lost and Found

The Campus Safety Office is the central location for the University of La Verne’s lost and found program. For additional information, contact Campus Safety at 909-448-4950.


All students who live on campus will be assigned student mailbox and key. Mailboxes are located at designated area within the residence hall where the student resides. Students are also responsible for their mailbox key, as there is a $25.00 fee for replacement.

Additional mail services can be accessed through Collegiate Press. Services provided include: Sale of Postage Stamps, United States Postal Service, and FedEx. For further information, please contact the Collegiate Press at 909-448-4517 or email

Your mailing address is:

Your Name
Student Housing, Residence Hall Name
University of La Verne
1950 3rd St.
La Verne, Ca. 91750-4443

NOTE: Never use PO Box!! This will route your mail elsewhere!

The University provides a Package Pickup Service for on-campus residents. All incoming packages received from the carrier are scanned and recorded into a tracking system. Residents will be notified via the University email address to pick up the package at the Abraham Campus Center. A Student ID must be presented and packages will be released to the person named on the parcel only. The package must be retrieved within 30 days of the email notification. If you have questions about your package, send an email to

Maintenance Requests

Students are asked to submit Maintenance Request Forms to report any items in need or repairs in their rooms or in the halls. An electronic Maintenance Request form is available here. Students are encouraged to contact the Housing Office or the RA on Duty to immediately report a maintenance request that may pose a danger to the community (i.e. broken window or broken door).


Student with cars must follow both University of La Verne and City of La Verne Parking Regulations.

University of La Verne: All vehicles parked on University property must display a current year parking permit. Click here to purchase a parking permit. All vehicles parked on University Property without a permit are subject to a citation. All parking regulations are strictly enforced by the Campus Safety department on all University property. For additional information, please visit the Transportation and Parking Services page.

City of La Verne: The City of La Verne has an ordinance against overnight parking on city streets. Additionally, the City of La Verne has created “parking by city permit only” zones in areas adjacent to the University. Housing Residents are discouraged from parking on City of La Verne streets. Parking regulations in non-University areas are strictly enforced by the City of La Verne.


The University of La Verne is committed to recycling. Each residence hall floor/wing has one blue recycle bin. The blue recycle bin can be used for any form of recyclable material; the items do not have to be separated (i.e. paper, glass, aluminum, etc.), but the materials must be clean. Food and other trash are not permitted to be thrown away in the blue bins; separate trash cans are available on each floor/wing for that purpose. Students are strongly encouraged to recycle.


Refrigerators are provided in each hall. However, residents may bring a small refrigerator not to exceed 3.6 cubic feet for use in their room.


There is a common area telephone located on every floor in the residence halls. Students may use these phones to dial campus departments and for emergency purposes.


Neither the Housing & Residential Life Office nor Facilities Management lends out tools to students, school clubs, organizations, or other departments.