Procedures and Protocols for Requesting Legal Services

Members of the BOT and PEC are encouraged to contact OGC to discuss legal concerns related to University affairs. Other University employees who believe they require legal assistance related to University business should first discuss the matter with the supervisor, manager or PEC member charged with oversight of the particular administrative unit. If, in consultation with the responsible PEC member, it is determined the matter is of a legal nature and requires the services of OFC, the responsible PEC member of his/her designated member of the University Management Council will initiate contact with OGC to request legal assistance.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, with the prior approval of the responsible PEC member, UMC members with oversight of the following types of routine matters may initiate contact with OGC to request legal assistance with such matters without going through the responsible PEC member:

  • Contracts in which the service provider or vendor requests modifications to an approved University template.
  • Inquiries regarding University and/or employee obligations arising out of alleged incidents of campus sexual assaults, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking.

OGC Protocol for Delivery of Legal Services 6.8.17

PEC and UMC members may email agreements to be reviewed by OGC at