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Graduate Online Course Syllabi

The graduate course syllabi shared below are samples meant to guide you in course selection; they are not current and may not accurately represent what will happen throughout the semester. Once enrolled, your instructor(s) will provide up-to-date course information.

To view class details and course information, please visit MyLaVerne.



Syllabus Course Title Instructor Revision
BUS 500B Economics for Decision Making Dr. Gonyung Park 03/21/16
BUS 500C Quantitative & Statistical Analysis Joel Greenman 05/29/18
BUS 500C Quantitative & Statistical Analysis Dr. Jonathan Lee 08/15/17
BUS 500F Business Marketing Dr. Gordon J. Badovick 03/02/18
BUS 517 Cyberlaw: Sex, Lies, and the Internet Robert Barrett, JD 05/18/18
BUS 531 Investment and Portfolio Analysis Richard Hasse, MBA 08/27/15
BUS 536 International Financial Management Dr. Gonyung Park 06/06/16
BUS 562 New Product Development Dr. Gordon J. Badovick 03/02/17
BUS 585 Strategies in Change Management Dr. Teresa Martinelli 05/30/18
BUS 586 Leadership for the Future Dr. Carol H. Sawyer 05/28/14
BUS 615 Managing Technology Dr. David Kung 03/25/18
BUS 635 Managing Financial Resources Richard Hasse, MBA 09/21/17
BUS 655 Designing Effective Organizations Dr. Issam A. Ghazzawi 05/29/18
BUS 665 Strategic Marketing Management Dr. Gordon J. Badovick 05/27/18
BUS 675 Management of Business Operations Dr. Mehdi Beheshtian 08/19/16
BUS 685 Global Business Management Dr. Omid E. Furutan 08/21/15
BUS 685 Global Business Management Dr. Virgil O. Smith 01/28/16
BUS 695 Strategic Management Dr. Janis Dietz 05/21/14
MGMT 522 Human Resource Management Dr. Loren Dyck 03/20/18
MGMT 523 Organizational Theory and Development Dr. Issam A. Ghazzawi 05/29/18
MGMT 586 Organizational Research I Dr. Teresa Martinelli 05/30/18
MGMT 596 Graduate Seminar Dr. Teresa Martinelli 05/30/18

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